Page Zoom

  • Can anyone please tell me why I must constantly RESET the zoom slider. When I hit reset, it returns to 100%. In "Settings" interface zoom is set to 100% and also default page zoom is set to 100%. Thanks for any help.

  • Hello,
    The question is, why does your browser zoom in and/or out?
    Are you using Ctrl- or Ctrl+?
    When scrolling, are you hovering the mouse, unintentionally, over the zoom slider?
    If you click the down arrow of the scroll bar, do you occasionally click the up arrow beside the zoom slider? Or even click somewhere within the slider?
    There are many ways to zoom. In what situation do you find the zoom slider moving?
    Jon D

  • I am doing nothing as you mentioned. The zoom slider simply increases (not every time, but many) when I simply go to a new web page!


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