Let's try this again. Why don't pinned tabs work in Vivaldi?

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    A while back I posted here explaining that Vivaldi's pinned tabs close whenever the browser is closed. Here.

    Pinned tabs are retained on the Windows version of Vivaldi but are not in macOS. The only explanation I received is that it is an intended behavior on macOS in order to follow the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Although, if you actually read the guidelines you can see that isn't the case. The guidelines state that the application should:

    Reopen in the same state in which users left your app. Preserving user-modifiable settings, such as window dimension and location, enhances users’s perception of the stability of your app. OS X makes state-preservation easy to achieve when you enable Resume. To learn how to support Resume in your code, see User Interface Preservation.

    At the time of me posting that it didn't seem to be a widely discussed issue. But, now there are many people frustrated with this "intended behavior."
    Obviously this isn't a bug if it works on Windows and is described as intensional. If it really is purposely made to be this way then it really shouldn't be hard to fix it. At the very least just put an option to have pinned tabs actually work like pinned tabs.

    To the developers, please just open up Safari, pin a couple tabs, then close and re-open. See how nice that is. Make it like that. I've already reported this as a bug through Vivaldi's site and was told they would "Look into it"

    It doesn't matter because this has been an issue for MANY versions but because I know you'll ask: macOS Sierra, 1.10.867.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit), Revision 903e7027e99bd6e9b99f163ac6caf4e491a8a1b1, Javascript: V8, 2016 MacBook Pro 13" w/ touchbar, and iMac 2013 27"

  • We already discussed this to no end, search these forums.

  • @luetage said in Let's try this again. Why don't pinned tabs work in Vivaldi?:

    We already discussed this to no end, search these forums.

    So, I'm curious. What's the conclusion?

    1. It's an intended behavior and will not be changed.

    2. It will be fixed: Pinned tabs will remain pinned even after a restart of the machine.

    Sorry, too lazy to search the forums . . . 🙂

    If the conclusion is (1), I won't bother to pin tabs, in the first place.

  • Most likely the functionality was removed on purpose. There has been backlash from the community, but apparently not enough. Feature requests have been requested and bugreports have been reported (afaik), but doesn't seem like we will get it back anytime soon, if ever.


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