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  • When I first downloaded Vivaldi, all looked OK, but when I opened it the other day, the frame appeared huge (zoomed in) while the web content was the correct size. I have trashed the browser and reinstalled it, but it looks the same. Attached is a screenshot. What have I unwittingly done and how can I correct it? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I had the same problem. I downloaded Vivaldi today. The first time I used it it was OK (and fast). The second time, it was like MikeG says, and I didn't find a solution, except uninstall and reinstall (totally uninstall, using AppZapper).

    It's working correctly now, but I don't know for how long.

    Edit (24/02) : Still no problem since the clean uninstall and reinstall.

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    Does it help to go to the speed dial page and then press the 6 on the number pad?

  • Pressing 6 only resizes the website content, not the frame. In the end I decided that I could do without Vivaldi and AppZapped it. After all, what is a bit of speed when there are several bugs and you can't use Roboform?

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    Clearly, you're not cut out to test pre-alpha software. You should definitely wait until a stable release comes out.

  • You're probably right. That said, I did sort of test it and found it unusable. I just hope that someone in the design team finds out what it was and corrects it. I wasn't the only one with the effect, so it's worth finding the cause.

  • At least your stoplight does not look squished, like mine does

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