all data lost..

  • all data lost.
    after closing and opening, i just get "chrome-search://chrome-search://most-visited/single.html?removeTooltip=Don't%20show%20on%20this%20page"
    in one single window, without menus without anything..?

    i installed all version in standalone, now i installed the identical vivaldi version and copied the 1.9.818.25 directory over, but no luck.

    can i somehow copy the necessary files over to have the same UI,preferences,bookmarks etc...?

  • @schreck
    The folder that contains your settings, bookmarks etc is named "Default" in your standalone install it should be in: [vivaldi folder]/User Data/Default

  • Hi, check
    Part "Back up some Vivaldi information"
    Except Passworts and extensions all bookmarks, notes, etc. are useable in a new profile.

    Cheers, mib


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