Crashes after a few hours of functioning

  • Hello! I've been using Vivaldi quite for several months. The problem appeared from that time. I thought, that it will be fixed in next updates, but it didn't. That's why I post it here.
    My Vivaldi crashes every day, mostly after a few hours of functioning. It turns black, does not respond. I try to kill all it's processes from task manager. One of "Vivaldi" processes does not get killed. Few weeks before I finally have managed to kill it, but it did not help. I can't launch Vivaldi again. I must restart my PC to be able to launch it again.
    I've observed, that this problem mostly appears after a few hours of functioning, mostly when I open a few tabs and leave my PC for 2-3 hours. I get back, do something inside Vivaldi for 5-10 minutes and bam! It chrashes.
    My specs:
    i7-4770, 8GB RAM, Nvidia Gtx 760. I don't use the standart theme, if it matters. I've changed some colors.

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