Middle click speeddial copy Clipboard in the addressbar

  • Strange behavior after the update to version 1.10.867.38 .
    The middleclick opens, in the speeddial, the tabs in the background, which is correct, but it is synonymous copied the contents of the clipboard into the address line.

    I am using an older Ubuntu version 15.10.

    Anybody a solution, for this Problem?



  • @McAce
    No, it does happen. Not your "old" distro issue.
    Middle click on Speed Dial also pasted primary clipboard content to Address Bar.

    Actually, middle click on empty space of startpage also paste primary clipboard content. I believe that's the origin cause.

    I forgot if anyone already Report a bug it.

    Except it fixed, the not real solution is to use right click menu.

  • @dLeon

    Thank's for your answer, you're right, that's really not a proper solution.
    I hope they will fix this, because the behavior annoys.

  • I have also noted this new bug on Fedora 26 KDE with 1.10.867.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit).


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