OneNote Web Clipper cannot access notebooks

  • The OneNote Web Clipper extension keeps displaying the message "OneNote couldn't load your notebooks. Please try again later", for no apparent reason.

    The One Note Web Clipper extension currently works fine in Chrome and Firefox on my workstation, and uploads data without problems, so I don't know what happens in Vivaldi.

    Does it have anything to do with the location of my notebooks?

  • Hello,

    Do you still have the problem ? Did you find a workaround ?

    I'm using Vivaldi 1.15.1147.64 (Mac OSX), I get the same error message.

    The plugin is working perfectly with Chrome or Firefox...!
    Definitively a Vivaldi bug...

    0_1536629006782_Onenote Clipper Error.png

  • @lassie Seems to be linked to Mac only then because it works perfectly on Windows.
    Did you get such error since the beginning with Vivaldi?

  • @ornorm maybe Mac related but definitively Vivaldi on Mac related : the same plugin is working perfectly on OSX with Chrome, Firefox, Safari...


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