• It would be really nice with an "Install on close" option for autoupdate.

    (When I open the browser, it's because I want to browse for something.. not update the browser 😛 )

    PS! I know I haven't bothered checking this forum for identical post, posting rules etc.. deal with it, hehe 🙂

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    @oysteinm It does not take even five minutes to update the browser. Anyway, you can simply press the Escape key and manually check for updates when you're not in a tearing hurry.

    Searching the forum also takes only five minutes. I recommend getting into the habit. You can learn a lot that way — things you never even thought of before.

  • He is right, losing your update just because you quit Vivaldi is painful. Some users prefer automatic updates that don't get in the way at all. I'm sure the devs are aware of this and will do something about it in the future. The only question is when.

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    @luetage said in Updates...:

    He is right, losing your update just because you quit Vivaldi is painful.

    How on earth does one manage to lose an update? Just dismiss the dialogue, and check for updates manually when you're ready to update.

  • Doesn't matter if automatic or not. If Vivaldi crashes, or you accidentally quit, the downloaded update is gone. That's bad. Just because it doesn't happen to you is no reason to dismiss the issue. A streamlined, secured and unobtrusive update process won't hurt anyone.

  • @Pesala I don't have an issue with the time it takes to updates 😉 Autoinstallupdate on exit would be a nice feature. It could be as easy as adding a checkbox for this in settings (just add the "Close and install update" function to OnExit() event when this option is enabled should do it) ...


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