Internet Shortcuts files (.url) created by vivaldi

  • I'm using some browsers, vivaldi, firefox etc.
    To organize bookmarks in one place I made folders on explorer.
    When I want to make bookmark, I drag the 'site info' (the icon of URL box) to the folder, then an internet shortcut file is created.
    By this way, I can organize bookmarks in one place using different browsers.
    But vivaldi's result of this action is different from the others.
    The created internet shortcut files are
    Firefox - (page title).url
    Internet Exploler(shift+drag) - (page title).url
    Vivaldi - (file name).url

    For example,
    FireFox - Internet Shortcuts (Windows).url
    Vivaldi - bb776784(v=vs.85). aspx.url

    In my use, internet shortcut files created vivaldi is tricky for me.

    It would be very helpful for me, if there were other options in Vivaldi to create
    (page title).url type internet shortcut files.

    I'm not English speaker, so I'm sorry if there were some part you don't understand.


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