touch screen use is still not as good as Chrome's

  • [Note added later - unifying thing here is that finger touch on a surface pro 4 requires seven goes to get it started. whether it's scrolling, tabs, even getting into the search box - you need to touch whatever it is exactly 7 times... does not happen in Chrome. surely a clue there...]

    Maybe useful to give a few specific ways in which touch screen support in Vivaldi at present (well 1.9.818.22) is significantly worse than that in Chrome (which is surprising because I had thought the two were closely related). All the following applies to surface pro 4, running windows 10:

    • finger scrolling becomes available in a newly-opened tab only about 7-10 seconds after the tab is opened. pen scrolling using the scroll bar is available immediately. Chrome has both immediately. That delay doesn't sound like much but it's every page, every time and gets very wearing. [correction added later - it's not 7-10 seconds, it's 7-10 swipes. you can leave the page sitting there for 20 seconds and then start swiping, and it won't scroll until about 7 swipes have gone in. AND - it's not new pages necessarily, it's tabs you have moved off of and then come back to also.]

    • "back" button doesn't always respond to finger; always (I think) responds to pen. Always responds to both in Chrome on the same pages.

    • in-page buttons (and I think links) don't always click when using finger; e.g. the "new topic" button I used to start this note didn't work the first few times I touched it. Went over and checked it in Chrome, found all to be good; when I came back, it worked. Seems intermittent.

    • switching tabs with finger doesn't always work; pen always does (I think). In Chrome, both work all the time.

  • The following sounds worth a separate note, so I'm not going to edit the original any more: the tab switching by finger, it turns out, suffers exactly the same "7" problem as finger scrolling does. if I've been on a particular tab, moving around, etc. for say half a minute, and then try to switch to another tab by using a finger touch, it will not do it until I've touched the tab 7 times. This is the same as the 7 swipes needed to make a page scroll the first time. Presumably not a coincidence. Once you have its attention, you can switch tabs repeatedly without problems, until you've hung about on a page for a while. It then resets and you have to do the 7-touch thing again. Pen is not affected; only finger. Does not behave this way in Chrome on the same machine.

    ...and [added later] - yes, the button push issue is the same - I had to hit "submit" repeatedly before it submitted - on the 7th hit...

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    If you had searched first, you would have found many pages of previous topics.

    It is not supported properly yet. Maybe later.

  • @Pesala I did search, of course. Found quite a few pages over the past two years, but nothing very specific. Therefore I thought it might help to provide some specifics. Seems to me that everything comes down to requiring 7 touches to get it going. If that's not a useful clue then I apologize for even trying to help.

  • ok so the above note detailed what I was seeing in Vivaldi at the time (and not seeing in Chrome at the same time). However today I am having none of those problems, the buttons all work with finger clicks (first time) and all pages scroll with a finger swipe with no delay and no 7 swipes needed. I should clearly have said that this 7 business applies only on a Sunday... Since Chrome didn't suffer from it on the same day, I guess it's still possibly a clue. Apologies for the noise.

  • I should file a correction here. Since I filed that original note and the amendment which identified the problem as needing seven touches per tab before touch started to work normally in that tab, I've noticed other instances where one needed three touches, four touches, and even eight touches, to get it to take notice. This is consistent within a session - to get into any tab would take (say) four touches and to scroll within that tab would require four finger drags (the fourth one being the one that worked). In all cases, the issue went away on restarting the browser.

    Just filed a bug report - VB-30227 - as I can't recall doing that before. Mainly for information as I understand that touch is not fully supported yet.

  • one more problem with touch screen: pinch gesture does not work to adjust zoom level.


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