• @ Tatsuki,

    Say, You said to notify You if our email is still not working or accessible. Mine is not. I cannot access my email through direct webmail log-in, nor will the "Mail" link at the top right of the page work, and I cannot access it through IMAP (my email client) either. This is also true for both my personal email accounts: "nitrothor" and "gnosferatu". As a form of courtesy, I wish the developers would put up advanced notices when they know email will be down, because at first, I felt this was a bit spooky — fearing lost data.

    Nevertheless, if You can get my email working again, I would be very grateful to You. I mainly joined Vivaldi as a refugee of the now defunct Opera. For me, until Vivaldi gets the Presto browser going again, I am mainly only interested in Vivaldi email, which I am highly grateful for. However, as part of my gratitude to the developers of Vivaldi, I am also very patient. I do realize Vivaldi is barely out of the Womb, so I am not complaining. I realize there is much to do to make a functional email and website. But if You could get my nitrothor and gnosferatu email accounts working again, I would be very grateful to You. That is all.



  • Vivaldi Team


    Sorry for my late response on this, also the trouble with the email.
    We will in the future try to make advance notice whenever we think change would affect email.

    Anyhow, are you still experiencing the issues with your email client?
    If so, which email client are you using?


  • @ Tatsuki,

    Say, thank You for responding.

    Yes, at some point after I last wrote You, both my accounts (nitrothor and gnosferatu) came back to life. IMAP is working too. I mainly use the new stand-alone version of the Opera email client. But when I use webmail interface, I primarily use one of the following browsers:

    • Opera 10.63 Browser (firm)
    • Iron Browser (current version)
    • Comodo Dragon Browser (current version)
    • Green Browser (current version)
    • IE7 (firm)

    All my computers are configured in the same fashion, with same OS and same software base.

    • Windows XP Pro (firm); SP3
    • Highly tweaked and 100% malware free

    (Advanced notice of response: Please do not ask me to downgrade to IE8; I have MANY various detailed reasons why I stick with IE7. Besides, I only use IE for certain websites anyway, since Green Browser is far superior to IE for Trident shell. Same goes for my preference of Opera browser too. I am absolutely firm on Opera 10.63 — the last best version of Opera ever made, before they started going downhill.)

    I mainly only made my Vivaldi accounts for two reasons: I am a refugee from Opera, so I needed them to migrate my old email accounts from the former Opera. And I needed replacement email accounts.

    Tatsuki, so far, I am very satisfied with the whole email system on Vivaldi. Amazingly enough, Vivaldi works very well on IE7, which highly impresses me to no end! So far, I feel You guys are on par with the old GREAT Lavabit email system, which ran on a dime also, minimal javasscrpt, but with 100% bulletproof security — at least until the feds shut them down for "being too secure."

    Tatsuki, as I mentioned in my former posting, I am very patient with the whole Vivaldi thing, because I realize Your system is all new and will likely take a few years to get major bugs ironed out. But as I see it, so far, so good. Very impressive, actually for something right out of the box, less than a couple few months old; I think You guys are lightyears ahead of all the other big names, as far as I am concerned.

    But, I am hoping (with all due passion) You guys also bring back our beloved Presto browser engine too. The horror and betrayal of what Opera corporate stuffed-shirts did to all its former followers is unforgivable and I will never trust any Opera label or branding ever again — well, anything after 12.x.

    Tatsuki, thanks for Your time and effort and response.



  • me too member of myopera
    now i use Opera 12 with its left panel for @email and i receive notifications ,conversations and email into (with gmx or )
    imap : 993
    smtp : 465
    it's ok

  • pity to know there 're french users still using MS windows(xp), not sobering up and switch to linux yet….
    continue to be slaves of MS

  • who is the french user ? me ? I have not XP ( it was a good OS ) but Xubuntu and for some other softwares Windows 7

  • why are you keeping xp? most softwares are compatible with windows 7 too, very few are not…

  • if you're french speaking, better try mandriva linux , headquarted in paris.
    mandriva 2014 's lively, artistic….
    above all it's free, open sourced...
    million times swift smart than yankee ms.

  • ah ah my english is so bad ?
    I have NOT XP ! but Xubuntu

  • Vivaldi Translator

    the original post may need an update.
    I could not send mail via IMAP until I changed it to use Authentication.
    At least this is a good thing, though can I ask if there are any plans to upgrade the incoming connection to use "secure password authentication" ?

  • it doesn't ask me a password if I'm connected to Vivaldi blogs

    With Opera 12 (left panel) is with sécured connection TLS checked
    "Transport Layer Security (TLS) enables the encrypted communication of messages between hosts that support TLS and can also allow one host to verify the identity of another. "

  • Vivaldi Team


    if you're french speaking, better try mandriva linux , headquarted in paris.
    mandriva 2014 's lively, artistic….
    above all it's free, open sourced...
    million times swift smart than yankee ms.

    I remember when Mandriva was Mandrake. A good distro back then. Seems like they still are.

  • @ kampotsoil,

    Actually I agree, I have often said if MS ever makes it impossible for me to use my good old trusty XP, then I will switch to Linux. However for now, all my machines are highly tweaked from years of my own personal experience and know-how. Furthermore, I primarily use my machines for intensified tasking, not internet mumbo-jumbo, and certainly NOT the antisocial networks whatsoever. I am not into wasting my time on nothing, and certainly not the internet. I feel there is a difference between people who actually use computers, as opposed to people who obsessed with the latest updates that are almost never anything important or significant at all.

    So needless to say, I find a software that WORKS for the purpose I use it for; then I stick with it. I just do not have the time to waste my life away screwing off with every little new software that comes out, nor switching it out for so-called "new-and-improved", either. Who has got time to learn all new software every 15 minutes? Rarely is newer software ever any better. I mean, look at what happened to Opera after 10.63! Worst yet, look what happen to Firefox the moment they wanted to compete with google, rather than focus on maintaining a good browser. So really, who in hell has time for all that childishness, I wonder?

    I say Opera 11 and 12 simply have never stood up to the greatness of what 10.63 was at Opera's apex. And the corporate trash who has pirated the Opera name nowadays, well… "that is NOT Opera!" I felt Opera was for sophisticated people who sought an alternative away from in-built browser spyware, not mindless google chrome lackeys. Sadly, Opera is completely dead now. And here we are to support the birth of the new Vivaldi! I feel Vivaldi continues where the REAL Opera left off.

    And certainly MS has never yet made a better OS than XP either. Vista, Seven or Eight might be fine for someone living a virtual life on the internet, such as looking at some Girlie pix on the web, or mindlessly operating a joystick or other; but for me, I have never yet given up "real life" for living a "virtual life", like many people have done nowadays. I am certainly NOT a so-called, "geek." Haha.

    I have accumulated a large archive cache of highly functional softwares over the years. So many of my software goodies are over 10+ years old. Just because someone thinks they are reinventing the wheel, I already know by experience that is rarely ever true. XP represents the highest point MS ever attained, and so almost any sort of softwares will run on it, whether from the 90s or just yesterday. And ever since MS has been downgrading their OS since XP, we all see MS is on their way out in life. Hence why we have the Linux-fest and Linux champions on Vivaldi.

    I am not one that just up and changes out with every little wind that blows, or for the sake of a bunch of mindless pop-culture lackeys out in Hollywood either. I could care less about "keeping up with the Jones." Furthermore, I am highly conservative, which means I am not into the whole "throw-away culture" senselessness either. The sheer volume of electronic garbage nowadays is staggering and is quickly destroying our planet beyond repair. Really, this is very serious for anyone who values being alive.

    Evil developers who insist to balloon up their egos by using excessive javvascript are also responsible for electronic garbage and the resulting worldwide destruction too. I figure every time someone writes a javaasscript, then they are literally murdering thousands of life, as they willfully create more and more unnecessary electronic garbage. There simply could not be anything more immoral or evil than javvaasciptt. And really, there is no real justified need for javvascrippt either.

    I simply do not want to contribute to the onslaught of life destruction as most mindless developers are doing nowadays, which is also another reason I STICK with what I KNOW works. Actually, I feel all JS should be outlawed, and writers of JS should be put on trial for worldwide mass murder. Just think of how many billions of dollars the economy would save also, if mindless reckless developers did not use JS! Javasscript is worst than the nuclear bomb.

    So I would never switch out such a highly functional OS as XP in order to go spend $1000 of dollars on all new hardware, just so I can support MS policies of "forced or planned obsolescence" and throw all my old [very functional] hardware in the trash. Bill Gates and his boyfriends at MS are not my personal friends. And I have better things to do with my money than throw it away at MS and other bloatware developers who are obviously out to destroy all life on the planet.

    Actually, I dub anything after XP, such as Vista, Seven or Eight as "apocalypse-ware", since it forces people to fork out some free money to all the hardware companies that are in bed with MS. It has been clear to me for over 10 years now that MS and Bill Gates are out to destroy the world so that it will no longer support any sort of life whatsoever. So I totally concur, "BG and MS are nobody's friends."

    I simply do not agree with Bill Gates and his boyfriends at MS or their worldwide policies of mass destruction either. They have no morals or ethics, or even humanity. I mean, what sort of name is "microsoft" anyway? "Microlimp" is more like it, if You ask me. Haha. Bill Gates and his boyfriends at MS will end up destroying more life than Hitler ever did, if he has not done so already.

    So I agree, there is nothing at all human or sane or ethical about MS whatsoever, at least not since XP. One of these days, when I finally have some free time, then maybe I will take the time to learn all about Linux. Actually, a person could easily spend another 700 years learning all about XP and still not know it all. That always amazed me how people could switch out to something, when they have not even learned the basics of something else yet. That is like learning how to fly, but never have yet crawled. It is called, "putting the cart before the horse."

    And also, like many people of the modern electronic age, I started out on Apple IIs years ago in the 80s; and at first, I was resistant to switching out to Windows in the 90s. To me, I felt the whole name of Microsoft sounded very embarrassing and wimpy. I mean, what sort of "man" would ever want to be associated with sometime small (micro) or soft (limp)? However on short order, I could also see Apple was starting to cater to mindless pop-culture lackeys, just like they have done ever since. And sadly, Apple (like MPEG) has been catering to children under the age of 12 ever since.

    So at the time, Windows 95 seemed like the next right choice in life for me — or at least the lesser of two evils. But I see everything MS ever did came to a screeching halt after XP. Really if the truth be told, I personally know some really hard core computer experts that refuse to budge from IE6. However, I suppose I am not that much of an extreme purist as some people are. I will only hack software up to a certain point for my own personal usage, but then I stop after it becomes too time-intensive for me. For again, I use various softwares for tasking, not wasting my life away. However, in truth, I also see the merits IE6 has over all versions of IE ever since. So I suppose when it comes to MS, can anyone say "mudslide?"

    I just use what I know works for me, and stick with what I find for the purposes I task my machines. While most people are just whacking off on their computers and do not even know how to use them, I am actually someone who uses one for the purpose of computation and intensive tasking.

    But thanks for your whimsically momentary and injective comment on this thread regarding Vivaldi email. So along with You, I will say bravo to Linux too!

    BTW, I am not French. Instead, I was born on Jupiter, but spend most of my time on Venus chasing the Goddesses there. Haha. So legally or technically speaking, I have card-carrying citizenship as both a Jovian and Venetian, not France. And right now, pardon me, I am just passing through. Haha.

    And @ catse,

    Thank You for Your helpful TLS comments. Online dexterity and security are critically important to me — that is, when I am online.


  • If Vista was a shit,i have hesitated a long time before try Windows 7 but it's a good system and no more intrusive than XP if you configure it well and choose your update etc. Maybe Ubuntu will be more easy for you with softwares installed and many drivers for hadware . Before install you can try an ISO live to have an idea , you have ISO of windows 7 (legal) and Ubuntu possible on the net

  • better try knoppix 7.2.0 live cd/dvd linux system on ur machines, just boot into dvd or cd, you can run knoppix.
    or install knoppix to your pendrive usb disk,boot into any machines available

  • Hello Debbie I have been using he settings you have supplied to add my Vivaldi mail to my microsoft live account, but each time I have entered the details live mail cannot connect to your server. IT has come back with different reasons each time. does live mail only accept pop 3 as I am trying to set up on imap


  • Still waiting for Identities to come back 😞 I want to say goodbye to GMail forgood, but to do so, I need one more identity on Vivaldi Mail. Two identities shouldn't cause too much server pressure, right? I'd even pay for it.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, what kind of problems with Vivaldi Mail you have?

  • @Shpankov:

    Hi, what kind of problems with Vivaldi Mail you have?

    Well, like I said: I can't add more identities like you could in the past. It would be nice to have one more identity so I can fully switch from GMail to Vivaldi Mail as I need to identities 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi everyone,

    We increased the attachment size limit to 40MB. We hope this change would help most of you.


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