When will you fix the "mailto:" problem?

  • I reported it here some time ago and was told it was added to the bug list. But it's still not fixed.

    Basically, if I click on a "Mailto:" link, all Vivaldi does is open a new tab. Other browsers will open a mail window from the default mail program.

    Is this something that will be fixed? It's a deal breaker for me making Vivaldi my default program



  • @alan-sh

    Bug report is VB-27520 "mailto: URL does not work with parameters"


  • @alan-sh said in When will you fix the "mailto:" problem?:

    I reported it here some time ago

    Two months ago, to be precise. I reported some bugs two years that are not yet fixed. There are currently about 30,000 bugs, so they have to prioritise. It will be fixed when they get around to it.

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