The new Yahoo page wont load

  • Hi, today i got a notification about a new style for yahoo mail web page. Decided to try the new look.

    After refresh i got this:

    So now im forced to the basic "classic" layout:

    I'm using Vivaldi 1.10.867.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on Windows 10.
    I tried the workaround found here, but isnt working anymore.
    Tried also to clear all cookies and disable uBlock Origin. No result until now.
    Does anyone know what to do for the new layout in Vivaldi?

  • Just wanted to junk in there and confirm I'm getting this too.

  • I have this problem too.anybody has any solution for it?

  • Moderator

    @Tim68 Yahoo is browser-sniffing and sending bad code to Vivaldi. You might contact them about that. In the meantime, if the devs can figure a way to fool Yahoo into thinking Vivaldi is some other browser, that might solve it, or you can install a user agent-switcher extension and see if that can fix it.

  • @Ayespy Ty for tip. It worked :grinning:
    I used this extension and defined a new user-agent for Edge 15.

  • I just found out that you don't need to install any extension to change the user-agent string. I used the Chrome method described in this article:

    Instead of "Developer Tools" you just right-click on the Yahoo page and select "Inspect" in Vivaldi. The rest will be very similar to Chrome.

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