Disable DASH playback?

  • Hello,
    currently I give Vivaldi a try and evereything seems to be very good.
    But I could not figure out how to disable DASH playback.
    So, ist there any way to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance,

  • I don't know, on youtube IIRC it's forced.

  • @Starger
    I assume you want to fully buffer the video instead stopping auto preload.

    For Chromium based there was flags to disable DASH, identical with one in Firefox. (I don't know if Firefox still has that).
    But... as usual... removed.

    For Youtube.
    These days, I feed Youtube channel address to VLC or MPV(+youtube-dl).
    Not because I'm avoiding DASH, but because I could tweak the output with options so video/audio more acceptable.
    Sorry, but no browsers media player nor extensions could beat specialize multimedia tools.
    At least VLC or MPV bypass DASH. Or could be set.

    Of course, there's also an option to force Youtube to play in Flash.
    At least you will have different problems. :grin:

    Or... Download the whole video.

    For the rest of planet.
    No idea.
    Couldn't find any fool proof options, such extensions nor UserJS. I also look for it for years aside how to block auto preload.

    I remember there's a bunch of extension for disabling Youtube DASH even in Firefox. IIRC they never work for long. Thanks to Youtube who frequently updated its site.

    Forgot to warn you.
    If you disable DASH in Youtube, you won't be able to watch any newest (at least after DASH introduced) video above 480p.
    Why? Because Youtube now only deliver most formats on the fly. Yes, they some how convert the video to VP9 or H264 per user request.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    This extension offers better control of Youtube, and the developer is open to suggestions
    I does not offer to disable DASH but you can predefine your quality settings.

    Personally I use Media Player Classic -BE to watch youtube as it is light and offers more flexibility and control.

  • Thank you for the feedback.
    Until now I used Firefox and had a few small Addons to do things like downloading a video, force html5/flash etc..
    Generally there a 3 switches in "About:Config" : "media.mediasource.enabled", "media.mediasource.webm.enabled", "media.mediasource.mp4.enabled". So it was an easy task to enable/disable dash and get fully buffering if you need it.
    Yes, you lose some resolutions. But for me is avoiding DASH a bit more important than a 1080p resolution.

    I tried to ship streams to external players as described above. That is really something great. I agree that it is much better than the browser playback.

    Finally I am really sad about the fact, that the only working solutions do not exist anymore.

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