Disabling tab cycling with mouse wheel tilt buttons

  • Greetings, first time poster here. I switched from Chrome to Vivaldi as my main browser over a year ago and really like it so far. I'm regularly using the tab-cycling-with-mouse-wheel function on all browsers on Linux (and miss this functionality every time I have to use Windows).
    Concerning tab cycling, is there any way to configure exactly which actions/buttons trigger a tab cycle, except the "Switch Tabs by Scrolling" checkbox in the tabs configuration? I recently bought a Logitech g502 mouse as a replacement for my malfunctioning g402 and had my first contact with a mouse with "wheel tilting" functionality, and I'm since having problems with closing tabs with the mouse wheel middle button. The tilt buttons are very easy to trigger when the mouse wheel button is pressed down and I often trigger them accidentially while closing a tab, which is very annoying. Unfortunately there seems to be no possibility to disable the tilt functionality while retaining the scroll wheel functionality...

  • @Sintakir
    Vivaldi doesn't have advance configuration for mouse nor keyboard yet.

    And, I don't know if it could support configuration for special feature of mouse such as tilt as it seem more hardware dependent.
    More configuration for mouse gesture or keyboard shortcuts already requested though.

    I'm afraid you need to turn off that "tilt" before starting Vivaldi.
    Optional suggestions;

    1. If you use Desktop Environment (DE), check its control panel (what ever its name) if there's a tool to setup your mouse buttons. I couldn't tell, never use DE for long time. But I know they usually have it.

    2. Disable the buttons for good or momentarily.
      I search for linux disable mouse button, found a bunch of info, but these looks good;

    After you gather all the info, you could make an extra script to call xinput settings then call Vivaldi.

    1. Disable the buttons for good.
      (The hardware way)
      If you use either Xorg evdev or Xorg libinput, each of them has option that resemble point 2.

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