Graphic Tablet is not being registered since the last update

  • Hello,
    I am using a graphic tablet as a substitute for a mouse (a Wacom CTL-470) and since the last update, Vivaldi does not register when the cursor is used that way. I can see it being moved on my screen, but when it comes to clicking on things, the browser does not 'see' it at all, as if the cursor had not moved from it's original position after opening the browser (I came to this conclusion after using my laptop touchpad mouse buttons and still, nothing happened). Using my touchpad, though, works, and after moving the cursor with my tablet, switching to the touchpad seems to 'spring it back to a previous position'. That is exclusive to Vivaldi and for the time being I switched browsers again, since, for me, this is a significant issue.

    I am not sure how to fix this myself, if this is even an issue I am able to rectify on my own.

    I would appreciate if this was being looked into (my closest guess would be an incompatibility of whatever was updated in Vivaldi with the tablet driver).

    Best regards


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