(VB-26502) Some youtube videos do not play - saying please restart your device

  • Certain youtube vides do not play - either they display a forever spinning circle or after a while of spinning, this appears:


    Same videos work great in the like for like version of Chromium. Here's one of the affected videos:


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    @vyedmic I have the same problem on my system. If you right-click on the video and look at "Stats for nerds", you'll see that it has been encoded as a MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video.

    If you look at vivaldi://gpu you'll probably also see that is says "hardware acceleration unavailable".

    Unfortunately, the way that Vivaldi is currently built, it can't play certain media types unless hardware acceleration is available and enabled.

    The GPU on my MacBook has been blacklisted, so no hardware acceleration for me. I could override the blacklist in vivaldi://flags to enable playback of H.264 videos again, but then I would run into performance issues and rendering glitches on some web pages, which is why the Chromium team blacklisted my GPU in the first place. I'm kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • @xyzzy I tried enabling the flag that overrides the blacklist, as I don't want to be constantly switching browsers whenever I need to open a Vimeo or Youtube link, but it still doesn't work. A look at vivaldi://gpu shows that hardware acceleration is enabled.

    I'm temporarily using a 2007 imac. Chrome, safari and Firefox can play the videos, as Vivaldi could two versions ago. I would like to know if there is any workaround I can try, apart from locating the old version of Vivaldi.

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    @Stormbolter What version of OS X are you using? Hopefully someone from @Vivaldi-Team is now monitoring these topics and can let us know what can (or cannot) be done to address these issues.


  • My OS X Version is 10.11.6 (basically, the latest that can be run on my imac). The imac model is a Early 2008 24" imac with a (I think is blacklisted) Radeon HD 2600.

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    @Stormbolter Without a link to the videos, it's really hard to say what could be going wrong in your case. (I thought that perhaps you were running an older version of OS X.) Are you at least able to play the YouTube video at the top of this topic?

    The issue that we've been wrestling with is that the base Chromium code (that Vivaldi is built on) does not include support for patent-encumbered codecs like H.264, AAC, and MP3. Thankfully, macOS can decode these, and Vivaldi leverages the rich codec support in macOS, but this only seems to work when hardware acceleration is enabled and functioning... and when the good folks at Google started blacklisting GPU drivers that don't quite work right with their code changes, it broke Vivaldi's ability to play some popular video formats. So as a workaround, Vivaldi users have overridden Google's blacklist and hope that nothing else breaks horribly as a result...

    However, until Vivaldi can build a browser that functions equally well with or without hardware acceleration, the best that we can do as a community is to identify things that are broken and try to come up with whatever workarounds we can. With issues like yours still outstanding, clearly our work is not yet done.

  • I haven't found yet a youtube video that opens (that includes above link). Vimeo also doesn't work. Facebook videos, strangely, work fine. Giphy MP4 videos also work. If there's anything I can forward to help with debug (or any steps to debug it myself)...

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    @Stormbolter Do you have any extensions installed?

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