Speed dial now with more columns - but no change?

  • Finally after 2 years begging I gor more colums, so more speed dials per screen.
    Happliy set to 12 columns and nothing happens. Still 5 x 3 thumbnails even at full screen?
    Where is the trick to get more thumbnauls on the screen - please?
    win 7 vivaldi 1.10.867.38

  • @costa Get a bigger monitor or reduce the UI Zoom :eye:

  • @costa
    Resize able speed dial already requested. We'll eventually see it.

    Vivaldi startpage (where speed dials reside) resized like this forum.
    Open your panel, resize up, this forum change isn't it?
    Unfortunately, current speed dial still hard coded in size.

  • @Pesala with a laptop not possible and the ui zoom effects also fonts and tab sizes so this is not a solution. - thanks anyway!

  • @dLeon yes, you are correct.
    I just woonder why they mentioned you can have more speed dials when it is still not working propperly. 8(
    I wonder when Vivaldi reaches Opera 12 functionality?0_1497695931769_opera 12 speed dial.jpg

  • Moderator

    @costa Well, it took Opera 20 years t get there - So if Vivaldi makes it in five, that will be four times as fast.

  • @costa
    Well, they do increase the Maximum Columns for dials to "None" limit.

    The problem is, that Start Page dependent to our screen size. :grin:
    Not really "not working properly", just how its originally work in Vivaldi.

    when Vivaldi reaches Opera 12 functionality

    Times is the enemy of our patience isn't it?

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