Latest snapshot crashing.

  • I have the 64 bit version on Debian Linux. It has crashed a few times after working OK and now only the settings menu will open. I tried a reinstall, and it still won't run.

  • Maybe try to start it with a new cache and/or profile. Close Vivaldi and then go to your ~/.cache directory, find the vivaldi-snapshot subdirectory, and delete it. Restart your Vivaldi and see if it crashes. If it still does, then you might need to start afresh with a new profile. Go to ~/.config and then rename the vivaldi-snapshot directory to vivaldi-snapshot.bak (or whatever you want). This will allow a new profile to be created, while still keeping your old one for reference or to bring it back (you can delete it if you want, too). Now restart your browser and see if it crashes. Doing this will see if it's a corrupt cache or profile.

  • First time I ran the 64-bit version of this build, I encountered a thread crash. The tab turned black and showed a generic document icon (a sheet of paper with a folded corner) with a dead bird on it. As opposed to the new Opera's "Oops, something went wrong" with a cartoon cat on it. Reloading the tab worked, and the tab only contained an image anyway so I have no idea why it crashed … but it did. But the browser itself was fine - just the tab crashed. Well, 2 tabs (the one I had just opened, and the tab I opened it from).

    But I have to presume you're not talking about a thread crash ...

  • Thanks, I'll try it later on. I had just installed Adblock. Do you think that may have caused the problem?

  • Yeah, I tried to install that extension as an experiment, and it didn't work too well, crashing once installed. Mind you, once I restarted the browser, it didn't crash, but then I found that the extension hadn't installed (extension page was blank). Each time I tried to install it again, the browser crashed and the extension refused to install. Still, we were warned about the unfinished nature of extension support in the browser.

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