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  • When I use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox I note that many of my access to web sites are marked "secure" with https. However in Vivaldi, no security is seen. Why is this and how can I get security?

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    Vivaldi 1.10 shows secure sites with SSL by a green lock on the left in address field.

    Which pages are not shown as secure with Vivaldi?
    Do you use special extensions in Vivaldi, a proxy or desktop firewall or antivirus scanning SSL connections?

  • Thank you - I did not know that because I never noticed he locks@Gwen-Dragon

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    Google and Firefox decided to add the extra wording because many people do not pay attention to the padlocks.
    Keep in mind that it only shows if a site is using a valid certificate, not that a site is actually "Secure".
    Many sites use encryption with a certificate, but have other problems with the site or they have not configured the use of the certificate properly.
    Almost no HTTPS sites use DNSSEC and cannot be validated with the DANE protocol, which means that you still cannot trust the connection between you and the site is not being tampered with.
    ...and no Vivaldi also have not configured their sites to use DNSSCEC.

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