vivaldi broken on windows 10 surface pro 4 since 16-jun update

  • subject says it. until today's update, I was happily able to use vivaldi for everything, google apps etc etc. since the update that went in today, it just hangs up the entire surface pro 4. can't close tabs, can't switch tabs, after a few seconds of use. i think there's a bit of the pen issue reported elsewhere also but essentially the machine becomes unusable. I'm back to chrome for now but would much prefer not to be.

  • I created an account just to emphasize that this is indeed a problem, I have been having this happen as well. I've been having to use Microsoft Edge in the meantime.

  • To confirm: 1.10 is broken on windows 10, surface pro 4. I've uninstalled it and gone back to 1.9.818.22 and that is working. The breakage is very complete; here are more details:

    Main symptom: browser hangs up, in all respects, or is taking many minutes to do anything (to the point where you give up and try something else, which also doesn't work). This freeze-up happens within 20 seconds of starting it up. Initially you may be able to switch tabs etc. but that is all over very quickly. End state: it is taking up more than 25% of the CPU even with only one tab open, and you can't even close the window without resorting to the task manager.

    The rest of machine is ok (sorry I had thought that wasn't the case in my original posting, but I now see that I can switch to other apps well enough)

    Possibly related: in the ten-second period where you may be able to do something, touch with pen doesn't work - e.g. speed dial folders can be closed on the x but not opened by clicking the body of the folder. touch with finger works ok.

    right click task bar icon and close window - doesn't
    click close button on window - doesn't

    I removed all extensions and restarted, same thing.

    I started a new window with only one tab, in case it was the number of tabs I had open (no more than 15). it wasn't. same thing.

    Uninstalling and grabbing 1.9.818.22 has got me a functional browser again. So, something is seriously wrong with 1.10 on this platform.

  • 1.11 is the same. still unusable on surface pro 4. bit more info: seems related to using the pen. if you browse using finger swipes, it seems to survive. the second you use the pen (for anything, as far as I can see) it hangs up.

    Staying at 1.9, obviously.

  • @aach1 Did you filed a bugreport already? You can do this here

  • @zaibon hi - yes, thanks I did file this one.

  • I have a surface pro 3 and I'm getting all the same issues. I hope this gets fixed soon!

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