custom gesture with magic trackpad 2

  • I can't seem to figure out how to use custom gesture with my magic trackpad nor any discussion going on. There's a check box stating 'use gestures with trackpad or other input device.' but even though I checked the box, I can't use custom gesture. Didn't that trackpad include magic trackapd? Thanks.

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    @canorus Are you having issues using gestures, defining custom gestures, or are you finding that custom gestures are not recognized?

    For me, left-clicking and performing any gesture on my MacBook's Trackpad does not work; I first have to enable "Perform Gestures with ALT Key" and then hold down the Option key while performing a gesture. I don't know whether having to enable this option is a bug or if it's the only way that gestures can be done on any trackpad, or if it's the only way that gestures can work on some hardware.

    Custom gestures also work fine for me. You have to click-and-drag (like you do when using a Paint program to draw) in order to define the custom gesture. Once the gesture has been defined, it should work like any other.

    Welcome to the Vivaldi community. I hope this helps...

  • Ah now I see. There was no sign that Vivaldi is recognizing my gesture so I though it wasn't working. Now I see it's working under the hood sort of thing. It would be better if Vivaldi tells me when it starts to recognize my gesture.

    I'm using Mac mini with magic Trackpad 2 as well as Windows layout keyboard with Karabiner's help. I think it good to have Vivaldi recognize gesture only when ALT(option) key is pressed, it will save me from triggering gestures by mistake.

    Thank you for the reply 🙂 @xyzzy


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