Invisible main window

  • After my PC crashed, main window of my vivaldi browser became invisible. I mean, it exists and I see in taskbar that vivaldi is running, and I can close it through taskbar menu, but I can't see the window itself. If I open second window, it opens as usual. Is there any way to make it visible again without resetting all vivaldi settings?

  • Try this: after creating a new window with ctrl-n, alt-tab to the invisible Vivaldi window, alt-f4 to close it. Then close also the visible Vivaldi window. Make sure there are no vivaldi.exe processes left in task manager.
    It should appear normal after restarting.

  • @iAN-CooG
    Just tried.
    Unfortunately, it didn't work. The main window now has tabs of previous new window, but it is still invisible


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