Any way to get SD images direct from http links?

  • I tried this, it wasn't very elegant but just pasting in a URL in the open box actually makes Windows download the image. However, it appears they then are saved in the cache and are deleted when flushing the cache?

    Are the devs considering adding the feature to use a web-address to get an image (like the Speed Dial extension in FF has), and then cache it locally in a better folder than the web cache?

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    Fetching a special crafted SD icon from a webpage as Opera 12 did will come next.
    But a direct load with entering a URL by the user is not planned yet.

    In meantime you can fetch such image with the browser, store it in a local folder and the use the local link to set the SpeedDial image.

  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I did some digging, and turns out while pasting a URL to an image in the "Open" box works, it actually uses IE (on Windows) to download and cache the image, so it's stored in the IE cache. Since I don't use IE I clear that cache whenever I run CCleaner so that won't work for me.

    So in the Bookmarks file I get:

               "meta_info": {
                  "Thumbnail": "chrome://vivaldi-data/local-image/1fd16f21-745b-40b1-9aa8-250c043215d3",
                  "last_visited_desktop": "13142024025627566"

    And in file_mapping.json:

      "1fd16f21-745b-40b1-9aa8-250c043215d3": {
         "local_path": "C:\\Users\\Stian\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Windows\\INetCache\\IE\\C4KMXLKI\\og-logo-abdb1e40384ec68dae3e0a89aa52277feaeab72ed0ef47e50d5311d48c44039c[1].png"

    So yeah, guess for now we have to use locally stored images...


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