Blank starting page

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    So this is how works starting page after update. Any solutions?

  • @Darkenor
    1.) What is your setting for start page?
    2.) Do you use an extension to modify the start page?
    3.) What windows version do you use?
    4.) What viavaldi version do you use? (You can look this up in the first line at vivaldi://about)
    5.) Is the browser itself still responsive and "only" shows a black start page or is the whole browser black?

  • Okay i find the problem. Custom themes doesn't work. I changed it to default and it works.

    0_1497616248756_Bez tytułu.png

    Settings in pic.

    1. I don't
    2. Windows 10 with latest update
    3. Vivaldi 1.10.867.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    4. Browser still responsive and whole browser is black.

  • @Darkenor

    @Darkenor said in Blank starting page:

    Custom themes doesn't work

    That was a pretty fast track down of the culprit - never the less this is still strange. And just because of testing matters: What happens when you generate a new custom theme and restart vivaldi. Does the issue reappear?

  • Issue still reappear. Before i wrote this "custem themes doesn't work" thing i tried and it's happened again in different settings. Anyway dark skin is pretty good.

  • Okay. New update. Even on default themes it's still shows black screen instead of browser.

  • @Darkenor
    Somehow sounds to me a bit like a broken Profile.
    Does the issue get resolved when you refresh your profile?
    Here is a pretty good instruction on how to refresh your profile including an explanation how you can backup and copy back your data.

    EDIT: I played around with my theme settings the past ten minutes but couldn't get my browser to turn black or break in another way. So this seems not to affect all updates.
    Tested on viv 1.10.867.34 32bit || win 7 64bit

    EDIT 2: You don't seem to be the only one with this issue after all:

  • Okay. Looks like it help :smile: Thanks a lot :D

  • @Darkenor Good to know

  • Update.

    It's reappear after i change anything. It's very strange because default default works good and after changing settings it showing again a black box instead browser ;/

  • @Darkenor
    Damn.... this is not good. And the next problem is that I am running out of ideas at the moment - so we'll need to wait until somebody else has a good idea to resolve this.

  • Maybe reinstall Vivaldi helps? I should try it... BRB ;D

  • Uninstalled, ccleaned leftovers, fixed registry, downloaded and installed newest 64-bit version and it's works. For now.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's black again... I'm out of ideas...

  • @Darkenor
    Mmh I even installled a fresh vivaldi stable (I tested this with the snapshot version beforehand) but couldn't get this problem to appear.
    The only thing left that comes to my mind atm is the fact that I use 32bit vivaldi and you and nfsmaniac - from the other post - use the 64bit version.
    You could try to install this when you go to and select the 32bit version. But I've to admit that this is more or less just a shot into the blue sky than a real advise - but who knows.

  • It's really strange because after the latest update it's start doing that weird stuff... Maybe someone from Vivaldi crew should take a look about that at first? I really don't wanna reinstall ONCE AGAIN my browser xD It's more annoying than that black screen :P

  • @Darkenor
    You could install it as standalone. So your standard install won't be affected by this.
    Start the installer --> click on the "Advanced" button --> open the drop down menu "Install Type" and select "Install as Standalone" --> select a place where it should be installed (I recommend to use a folder that has nothing to do with your standard install e.g. a new folder on your desktop) --> install.
    So you can run two versions of vivaldi side by side to test or tweak thing in one install without affecting your main install.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @Darkenor I don't have the Black Start Page issue, but could you try this Snapshot if it works well for you?

  • @nfsmaniac oops so after all I even messed this one up too ^^ sorry

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @zaibon said in Blank starting page:

    The only thing left that comes to my mind atm is the fact that I use 32bit vivaldi and you and nfsmaniac from the other post use the 64bit version.

    I have tried now 1.10 Stable 32bit but it didn't help.
    Only downgrade to 1.10.834.9.

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