Font and Line Height Control

  • I hope we can soon set: - Font family (including simply be able to choose sans-serif and then letting the browser pick one) - Font size - Font color - Line spacing For example, right now the font in bookmarks panel is different than the font in the tabs. The font in the bookmark manager is black while in the bookmark panel it is grey. The line height in the bookmarks panel is too wide for my taste and I can't see as many bookmarks as if the lines were closer together. The font in history is small but the lines are not close enough together so no purpose is served. Etc. Etc. The user should be able to set all this. I want to be able to unify the font family, colors, spacing (including the settings window) etc. across the interface. I suspect it will come and hope it would be soon. I have been changing these in common.css and the result is great but these changes are overwritten each update so it is obviously no solution.

  • Completely agree. I would like to stress the need to be able to change (even it is by editing config or skin files) COLOUR of these UI fonts.


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