Browser not remembering the previous session or the window size

  • I just installed Vivaldi 1.10.867.38 on a completely fresh install of Windows 10 Pro. Installed two extensions: Lastpass and Adguard. And then restored my previous profile by replacing the %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default folder with the old one. Then this happened: Everytime I close and relaunch the browser, it opens on just one start page tab, and in a much smaller window than what I had open previously, and it looks like the size it opens to is always the same. What?!

    I have never experienced this problem before, in multiple installations of Vivaldi. My last profile that I restored to worked just fine. That was also on Win 10 Pro. I suppose I could refresh the browser and start all over again, but then I lose many hours of customization and bookmarks and such.

    P.S. I did see a prompt that I hadn't seen in previous times. When I installed Vivaldi and launched it for the first time, I got a Windows Defender Popup asking me to give permission to let it through the firewall. I allowed access on Private Network but not on Public Network. Don't know if that has anything to do with this strange behavior.

  • You said you installed two extensions and then replaced your default folder. This means the extensions are gone.

    How do you startup Vivaldi, what setting have you picked?

  • @luetage Promise me you won't kill me first. Alright. This is what happened: I had two instanced of Vivaldi open on two different virtual desktops, and I didn't know it. (It was late, I was dragging my butt, and it just didn't occur to me that there were multiple instances of Vivaldi running.)

    Anyhow, I was opening and closing one of the two windows, while the other was sitting on a different desktop. And that was the problem. Haha. I feel like an idiot. No, really, I do! Sorry for the false alarm, but I do appreciate your time and interest.

    P.S. Some of the description in my original post were out of sequence. I installed Vivaldi, restored my previous profile and then installed the extensions. 😉

  • I need your name and your address. Prepare for retribution 😉

  • @luetage I truly deserve that! I offer myself to the good graces of this fine community.

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