What is the name of this part of the browser

  • I am totally stunned as I look for what this certain part of the Browser is called. I've looked at over six sites and they name everything but what I am after. I'm talking about that part right below the URL bar where we save sites, which of course can have their names or turned to an icon. What is this called?

  • The bookmarks bar?

  • That could be it. As to the latest update, it's too bad they don't make it so we can drag the address of a particular site to the Bookmarks bar. One can do that in Chrome and I think Opera so I find it weird that we can't do that on Vivaldi. Maybe it will be in Version 4.01. 🙂

  • Moderator

    @Andoheb By grasping the security icon at the left end of the address field, you can drag the address to the bookmarks bar and create a bookmark. You cannot randomly drag addresses from links or text on a page, however - only by grabbing the left end of the address bar.


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