• I like Vivaldi a lot and it's my primary browser. But I'm starting to lose patience with the revision priorities, which seem to be on features that might be valued by a few people, with little attention to some basics. Dockable dev tools? Seriously? There have been repeated requests over at least two years for bookmarks to be available off the menu bar, sorted alphabetically, with the option to have folders at the top (as found on most other browsers). There's a kludgy workaround by creating a folder on the Bookmarks bar, but since neither of the sorting extensions for Chrome work (Sprucemarks and Supersorter), it's becoming less and less useful. Please pay attention to basics!

  • @Kerampf said in Priorities?:

    Please pay attention to basics!

    Please cultivate an awareness of reality -- "basics" means different things to different people. Who died & left you in charge as Arbiter in Chief?

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    @Kerampf said in Priorities?:

    Please pay attention to basics!

    And what do you need? Please tell us.
    Did you report bugs?
    Did you vote for or add new features in request thread?

  • @Kerampf said in Priorities?:

    Dockable dev tools? Seriously?

    I have seen at least as many posts about dockable developer tools as I have about a bookmarks menu. Whatever, the fact is there is a viable workaround for a Bookmarks menu while I am not so sure about a decent workaround for the former.

    Personally, I need neither of these features. That's the point — every man and his dog has a different idea about what the priorities should be. To get a rough idea of user's priorities, sort the Feature Requests threads by the number of upvotes.

    Then consider that the priorities for the developers may be influenced by other factors:

    • Is there a workaround?
    • How long would it take to implement?
    • Does it fit with other plans in the pipeline?

    Mail and sync are currently top priorities for the devs. Sync could well be a solution to the top feature request — export and backup settings — or easily implemented when that is finished.

    @zouyang said in Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Dev Tools:

    Docked dev tools, finally it comes. It is indispensable for developers. Great for this news.

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