Vivaldi 1.10 32-bit for Linux not available?

  • Today the latest version of Vivaldi (version 1.10) has become available for download.

    However, no 32-bit version for Linux has appeared neither on the download page, nor in the repositories.

    Does anyone know if this is a delay, or will the 32-bit version for Linux be dropped?
    I certainly hope not, and I don't see why, because the 1.10 snapshots have been available as 32-bit versions for Linux.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Any 32bit dropped.

    @Pesala & @Cqoicebordel already request to at least give out last stable 32bit.
    Like you mentioned, around 3 snapshots ago that 1.10 32bit still available.

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    At first it was a problem from the builds machine, but since Chrome doesn't support Linux 32b anymore, Vivaldi was faced with an uphill battle.
    So now, they have dropped their support too, because they don't have the manpower to support the Lin32b version by themselves (=> without Chromium help)

    I don't think it will come back, at least in the near futur. Most of the Linux download was 64b anyway (~90%).

  • Chromium 59 32bit
    for Ubuntu:
    for Debian:
    for ArchLinux:

    BTW: "A Browser for Our Friends" ? 10% of 32bit download is not from Friends? :-)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    With small team. How long would you think to keep maintain the code patch for 32bit? And the codes not small.
    I know how to compile from source. But compiling & maintaining browser source code is out from my point of view. I let other poor souls do that.

    If Chromium upstream keep cutting things up to leave 32bit API behind. The rest of planet will need to keep what is/will broken. It means if something in Chromium Vivaldi 32bit bugged/broken, Vivaldi team need to fix it them self. They can't ask Chromium upstream.

    Do you want the small team to fix bugs in Vivaldi & add features requested by people or make them fixing 32bit related codes which not there?

    Note from also a user. :smile:

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