Setting Homepage

  • Just trying again. First thing.
    On Startup in Settings, I have changed the Homepage to in "Specific Page"
    Still comes up with what I assume is Vivaldi default, all the Tiles.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    With what you said as Tiles (Speed Dials), was Vivaldi Start Page.
    There's many ways to do what you want.

    Set "Homepage" in "Startup" settings as
    Go to "Tabs" settings, set "New Tab Page" point to Homepage

    Of course, you could just set it up only in New Tab Page. There's "Specific page" option too there.

    "Homepage" by default only show up when you hit "Home" button or Alt-Home.
    And also by default, open Vivaldi new tab page.

  • @dLeon Thanks, Distinction between Homepage and Startup page confused me a little. OK now.

    Thanks, Pete

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