Help spread the word: Vivaldi banners and buttons now available!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, We have now created good looking Vivaldi banners and buttons. So if you have a web site, know someone who does, or have other ways to get the banners and buttons placed on the web go ahead and grab some and get them up there! They can also be used in forums signatures and such. The sky is the limit! 🙂 Go here:

  • Out of curiosity … would pasting that code into an Image Gadget on a BlogSpot Blog work?

    Curiosity #2: How 'bout some independent Vivaldi V logos of different sizes? You know ... just like we used to have access to assorted sizes of Opera O logos with which to create Blog Headers, Desktop Backgrounds, Etc.

  • Can you provide clean images and the name of the used font or an editable file to translate the text to another languages?

  • Moderator

    That's great, you should add this link somewhere on the homepage (maybe in the footer) or on the community page's footer (or maybe even on the top bar?). 😉 Or at least stick this topic to the top for a while. 😛

    BTW. Will you share the Vivaldi logo in a vector file, so we could make our own banners and other promoting materials? That would be great. 🙂

  • Suddenly some of the banner pictures are gone. Take a look here. What happened? Will they come back? I switched to one of the few still existing but would appreciate it, if different sizes could be used again.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks RJules3 for letting us know. We fixed the issue now!

  • Thank you for this rapid relief!

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