Desktop shortcut for Progressive Web Apps

  • Proposal:

    • If a site has a valid manifest.json file and is served on HTTPS then an 'Add to Homescreen/startpage/desktop shortcut' button could be in the UI.
    • Clicking on it will add the site's icon (as defined in the spec) to the desktop (or start page etc).
    • Clicking on the icon will open up the site in Vivaldi.
    • If multiple tabs are already open in vivaldi for that site, then clicking on the icon will take it to the most recent tab open for that origin.

    PWAs are getting more and more mainstream, but so far not a lot of stuff has been happening on desktop for it. Edge has stated that it will support PWAs strongly on desktop.

    If a user adds the site as a shortcut on desktop then

    • Thats an indication that its a site he/she frequently visits and is important to them
    • Since clicking on it will always open in Vivaldi, it ensures that the sites with show most engagement with a user always open in Vivaldi.
    • This means that it could increase retention.


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