[Request] ALT + D

  • Every browser has since the beginning had a keyboard shortcut to highlight the URL bar.
    This is defaulted to ALT + D , but not in Vivaldi. Here the default is F8 and CTRL+L

    This is not very known to people and many will probably nag about it.

  • Keyboard shortcuts are customisable. Set it to whatever you want. I prefer F8 and F9 for focus address bar / focus page.

  • @Pesala tried to edit the post, was suppose to say it's defaulted at F8 and CTRL+L etc.. but can't find a edit part of that post.

    But the keys which has been the same for god know how long, should still be present at default.
    It's like the Apple removing the F1-12 keys which are now back... some things you just don't mess with.

  • @zhakal said in [Request] ALT + D:

    some things you just don't mess with

    Yes, right. Here is a screen shot from Opera 12.17. Opera 9.2 Compatible keyboard setup, which was messed with by later versions. They finally did that due to pressure from users migrating from other browsers.

    0_1497528150465_Opera 9.2 Compatible Shortcuts.png

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Focus Address Field
    Didn't you mean this?
    I happen to add that Alt+D

    Change Tabs
    Be free.


    • Quick Command F2 list tabs & search able.
    • Alt+w list tabs. (English UI).

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Edit Post
    Do you see that 3 small dots on right side of down vote arrow?

  • @Pesala
    Opera 45

    Chrome 59

    Internet Explorer X - Edge

    FireFox 53

    So it's quite a "default" key used all over.

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