TAB cycling when closing a TAB

  • I'm somewhat irritated by how Vivaldi switches to another TAB when closing the current one: Assume I open a page with many links on it (forum, game list on GOG...). This is TAB 1. From there, I open a link in another TAB. If I close this, it switches to the previous page (the 'link list'). That's fine.
    Now I open another link, again in a new TAB (2). Read it. But don't close it, as there's something I want to do there. So I switch TAB back to 1. Open next link in new TAB 3.

    Now when I close TAB 3, I'm taken back to TAB 2! Why?

    My 'Close Tab Activation' is set to 'Always Activate Related Tab' and 'Activate in Recently Used Order'. Last one I used before 3 was 1, not 2.
    This rather seems to be 'Recently loaded'?

  • @Der_Pit
    You're right about weird behavior of the combine Always Activate Related Tab and Activate in Recently Used Order.

    To get what you want, close 3 & jump back to 1, you instead need to un-ticked that Always Activate Related Tab.

    When it's ticked, I also experience weirdness in any other combination. Or, I just not used too to any of those behaviors.

  • Ah, thanks for the confirmation!
    Still, un-ticking the related tab is also not the full solution. If I have other tabs open (to stay with the example, while reading a forum) and check one of those other pages in between, then going back to a forum post, close it, I'd be taken to that other page 😞
    The proper behavior would be to apply the selection of the radiobuttons only to 'related' pages if that box is ticked, not to ignore it in that case (or the configurator would have to grey out the radio buttons when 'related' is ticked)

  • @Der_Pit
    Basically we're agree that Vivaldi "Close Tabs Activation" logic is not like we used too.
    Especially if Always Activate Related Tab was ticked. It's almost a guess game "Where Wally/Waldo will land this time".

  • @Der_Pit
    This would be the behaviour I would expect when "Activate in recently used order" is enabled.
    You are returned to the last viewed page.

  • @CantankRus
    When only Activate in recently used order, yes.
    When Always Activate Related Tab (Activated tabs related by origin first) also ticked, the result sometime surprising.


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