Feature requests for 1.11

  • Per site proxy settings.

  • Autocompletion should suggest most common url from history (with main pages taking priority over subpages).

  • Customizable rocker gestures

  • Moderator

    Highlight new features in settings

    I think it would be especially useful in the Snapshot releases. Sometimes we're too lazy to read the changelogs or we just want to quickly find the new features in settings - that would come in handy then. 🙂

    This could be achieved in many ways, like e.g. adding a "New!" flag, highlighting it with a different color etc. This highlight could be persistent (until the next update) or could disappear once the user views the tab containing new settings (for a certain amount of time), hovers over it or make changes to it.

  • Nicknames / Quick command working on shortest match if there is any nickname matched.

  • Bookmark Menu

  • Allow Editing of Menus

  • Moderator

    Portable version

    There are portable versions of Chrome, so it should be possible with Vivaldi, but preferably, we shouldn't rely on some 3rd party software. 🙂

  • Download Vivaldi updates in background (option to enable/disable this), and install them on next restart. At the moment the update is being discarded when you quit Vivaldi.

  • Customize Toolbars

  • Open nicknames in new tab when pressing Shift on the last character
    // talking about Quick commands / Go to page, sorry.

  • Cookie Whitelist in vivaldi://settings/

  • Settings Dialogue Should Remember it's Size and Active Tab

    Currently, if the UI Zoom is not 100% the settings dialogue always needs to be resized manually.

  • Moderator

    Confirm exit

    I'd like to see the prompt (available as an option) to confirm closing the browser (like in Opera 12).

    Adding different, configurable scenarios for the prompt to appear could be useful, for example:

    • when there are downloads in progress (with additional option to close the browser automatically once the downloads are completed and yes, I'm aware of the Chromium's ability to complete tasks in the background);
    • when there are 2 or more tabs opened and the "Startup with" option in Settings is set to anything else than "Last Session";
    • when there is some unsaved work on any of the opened tabs (like eg. unsent form fields with user's input);

  • Setting to restore pinned tabs on startup. Previously available functionality, now sadly defunct.

  • Moderator

    Sound notifications upon various events within the browser, like eg., finished download or page notifications

    ...or received e-mails (once the e-mail client for Vivaldi is ready). These sound effects should be customizable. Opera 12 have notifications for "program startup/exit, page loaded, failure, follow link", but I never used them. I don't mind seeing them in Vivaldi though...

  • Split Tab

    In Opera 12.17 I have a button that splits a tab horizontally by using javascirpt. Clicking the button again splits it vertically, and clicking and holding the button reloads the page, thus removing the split. The splitter can be moved to resize the tiles.

  • Sort Commands for Mouse Gestures Alphabetically

  • Shortcuts (Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, ...) to open speed dial

    This makes speed dial really speedy. I miss this feature from old Opera 12.

  • Ability to set specific extension icons to permanently show in the address bar -- hide/show others with integrated extension toggle.


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