Feature requests for 1.11

  • @Pesala Thanks - very useful

  • Currently it is possible to edit common.css to customize the browser frame more extensively than what is possible in the settings. (I use this to change the UI font.) The problem with this is that the file is overwritten (and path changed) when Vivaldi updates.

    Could it be possible to add an import to a new "custom.css" that is NOT overwritten on upgrade?

  • Recentemente enquanto procurava por um navegador em potencial pra descartar a mesmisse do chrome e do firefox, eu notei uma caracteristica interessante no descontinuado "UC Browser para PC", que é a função de salvar imagens ja abertas com os botões "ALT+Clique esquerdo do mouse", que economiza tempo ao salvar imagens, levando a imagem para seu destino pré-definido sem precisar abrir as opções de download.

    Quem ja experimentou esse navegador pelo menos uma vez sabe do que estou falando, pois realmente é super prático! ^^

    Recently while looking for a potential browser to discard the same things as chrome and firefox, I noticed an interesting feature in the discontinued "UC Browser for PC", which is the function of saving images already opened with the buttons "ALT + Left click Mouse", that saves time by saving images, taking the image to its default destination without having to open the download options.

    Anyone who has experienced this browser at least once knows what I'm talking about, because it really is super practical! ^^

  • button "share link by mail"

    Hi Devs,

    would be nice to have a share button where the link from the current webpage is pasted into a new mail from my system default mail app.

    Could be looking like this:
    Click the button "share link by mail" -> New e-mail window of system default e-mailapp is opened. Subject is "Share link: <website title>", message body is a small text with the link.
    Placement next to the address bar

    Very similar to sharing webpages with mobile phones...

    Adding a screenshot of current page as attachtment could be an additional option. But in my eyes it's not really useful. Most people would click the link to look at the content rather than viewing the picture...

    THX & BR

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Having the option to select "Last Session and Homepage" in startup would be great.
    Not just either last session "or" homepage. Having both would save a lot of grief. Especially
    if doing computer maintenance pinned tabs are accidentally cleared.

  • is it possible to get the right click menu adjustable to choose commands to see?

  • @skizoni That would be great! 🙂

  • Option to report wrong UA detection from URLbar.
    So, any time a site work without vivaldi usergent, will be add to fallback detection (UA spoof) for next vivaldi version or as a minor update.
    Probably, only most reported should be add, to avoid false positives or using a "trusted sites list".

  • Add some main features of torch browser like:
    Torch player (to watch downloaded videos before it has completed downloads)
    Torch torrent (to download the torrents)
    Torch music

    Torch Games is not necessary
    Media Grabbler can be resplaced by a simple add on
    Torch Facelift I don't know


  • Make vivaldi supports VK videos like this one https://vk.com/video-139918573_456239022

    (it plays correctly at the beginning but after few seconds it crash)

  • Add option for search with direct typing, without F3.

  • Faster tab handling. The tabs lag a lot compared to chrome and firefox. Opening a new tab or closing an existing one seems to put considerable constraint on the browser. I could be imagining but it seems to run a bit smoother on the Linux release, primarily noticed on the Windows release.

  • Save image to some cloud shortcut (like in Yandex browser)

    see example

    When I hover on image, reveals special icon. When I click to it, this image saves to my cloud. This is one of the Yandex browser features, which holds me from switching to Vivaldi

  • @Al.tair Just played this on 1.11 - released a few minutes ago (Linux) and it played fine to the end.

  • Vivaldi 1.11 Final has now been released.

    ▶ New Feature Requests should be posted in the Feature Requests for 1.12 Thread ◀

  • In the Dark mode of the Reader View, please display the text in light gray instead of pure white. Thanks (:

    Dark mode

  • Is it possible to bring back the function to view the Details of SSL Certificates without using the Develeopment Mode or AddOns?

  • @AnZy said in Feature requests for 1.11:

    Is it possible to bring back the function to view the Details of SSL Certificates without using the Develeopment Mode or AddOns?

    vivaldi://flags/#show-cert-link Certificate in URLbar 😉 courtesy of chr60.

  • Reload Tab Stack

    I really need this item added to the tab context menu (and keyboard shortcuts).

    Sorry if allready asked, no time to go through all pages.

  • When requesting a page protected by HTTP Auth the string given with AuthName is not displayed in the Authentication Dialog by Vivaldi. Is it possible to display this string?


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