Feature requests for 1.11

  • @CosmicEgg said in Feature requests for 1.11:

    Possibility to setup multiple profiles like in Chrome is still a dealbreaker for me.

    Thanks for all the great work! ūüĎŹ

    I didn't test if it works well well but... you could try do a vivaldi shortcut and append this flag for profiler.

  • [Web Panel] Open Link on It's Related Tab

    0_1501611267096_Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 1.08.56 PM.jpg

    • Middle click to open link on a new foreground tab if haven't opened.
      (currently open new background tab every time)

    • If did, open every link on the related tab

    • As above, every Web Panel has it's own Tab and will open links on it's related Tab

    • Left click stay browsing on Web Panel

  • Make it possible to leave a folder not only by pressing the "<< [back]" button above the thumbnails but also by clicking mousebutton 4/5 (or whatever shortcut you need).
    When navigating with additional mousebuttons to go forward or back on a site its quite uncomfortable that you have to aim for the "back"-button instead of smashing the well-known "go back to where I came from"-button on the mouse ūüôā
    Kind regards & thanks

  • @Hadden89 Thanks for info, I have already tried all ways possible. The best one so far being creating a Automation app (macOS) with these flags, it works but there is just to many features missed out. Tabs on the specific profile won't be cached, you can't have two profiles open at the same time etc.

  • This post is deleted!

  • For me it would be nice to be able to drag and drop pictures from the internet onto your desktop or into a folder on your computer saves the hassle of having to right click and save as then choosing the location can be quite a long and tedious process

  • @RammsteinAM said in Feature requests for 1.11:

    Possibility to set EXACT number of Speed Dial columns, like it was on Opera 12.

    I generally use Vivaldi maximized and the positions of my Speed Dial items I remember visually (on 5 column layout). But the number of Speed Dial columns can be reduced by opened Web Panel or if the windows is sometimes not maximized. That makes hard to find desired links. It could be more comfortable if the whole layout will be fitted in the page size.

    this is the only feature that vivaldi lacks... after it is implemented i will permanently switch to vivaldi and install this browser to everyone around me

    p.s. a person should be able to set for example 14 speed dials in a column and get that result irrespective of a display resolution and width

  • Twice in the last couple weeks, I have opened Vivaldi and a blank window has opened instead of my last session, even though the last window to close during my last use was my working window. Of course, since Vivaldi doesn't autosave all recent sessions/windows and doesn't make them accessible in the history menu for easy reopening a la Chrome, this is extremely annoying and inconvenient. I probably won't be using Vivaldi until this feature is implemented. Oddly enough, it's not intuitive to have to manually save my sessions each time before closing and restarting; browsing isn't like working on a Word document.

  • @pafflick Just by the way everyone, Chromium 61 has added working HTML5 media playback autoplay blocking (until user interacts with it) with an experimental flag. It half works in Chromium 60 (which is what the current Vivaldi snapshot is using) - so Vivaldi will probably have to do very little to make this an actual option in the Vivaldi settings once Chromium 61 is stable/released

    See here;

    I cannot overstate enough how important this feature is for users these days, almost every news website has autoplaying content and it needs to STOP (pun intended)

  • Right click reload button for extra options!

    Currently in Chrome, when the Developer Console is open, you can right click the Reload Button and it will give you a whole bunch of extra useful options, such as:

    • Normal Reload
    • Hard Reload
    • Empty Cache and Hard Reload

    As a web developer (and I am sure this browser has plenty of developers as users) this feature was awesome in Chrome and I would love to see it here too!

  • Enable "POST" for custom searches
    VB-3414 "Cannot add search engine using 'POST'"

  • Multiple nicknames for bookmarks

    I love to press F2, enter "da" and instantly get deviantart.com opened (I have the "Open on Nickname Match" option enabled). But with different active keyboard layout I'm getting "–≤—Ą" that doesn't auto open tabs which is annoying. Keeping a aliases folder with meaningless nicknames like "–Ķ–ļ", "–ļ—É–ľ" for each keyboard layout and bookmark is quite silly too (but that works well at least).

    It would be great if I could enter "da, –≤—Ą" as a nickname and both of them would work.

  • Make the mouse right click menu appear for items in the Bookmarks Toolbar (just like it works for items in the Bookmarks Panel).

    It used to work in the past!

  • Make the middle mouse button work for items in the Bookmarks Toolbar ((just like it works for items in the Bookmarks Panel).

    It used to work in the past!

    It's very annoying to not be able to open all bookmarks in a bookmark folder when using the Bookmarks toolbar!

  • Please add Speed Dial shortcuts just like Opera classic , In Opera they were Ctrl+1 - Ctrl+9 but they are reserved for switch between Tabs in Vivaldi , So change them to Alt+1 - Alt+9 for Speed Dial cases as shortcuts
    Special Thanks , We love You

  • Add more theming freedom
    Like CSS gradients genarator, ability to use another image as a theme, etc.

  • Make the indication that a website is loading more obvious.
    Maybe animated spinner in the URL bar?

  • Ability to disable or override horizontal select of text feature

    Due to this feature of vivaldi, all of gesture extension in Store can not implement left and right drag of link. I have contacted the author of smartUp, but he said that there is no method to override it in extension.
    I did not find the official extension develop document of vivaldi, and Chrome api didn't provide this function.
    May be add it in settings or provide unique api of extension?

    Related thread

  • Add a button to the toolbar (between reload and home button?) to go on top of the page (equivalent Strg+Pos1) - useful for mouse users

  • @tonifelfe Try assigning a mouse gesture such as GestureUp = Scroll Page to Top, and GestureDown = Scroll Page to Bottom.



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