Feature requests for 1.11

  • Moderator

    Lazy load tabs opened in the background (as an option)

    Sometimes it would be handy to be able to open multiple tabs in the background without loading their contents right away and thus slowing down your network and computer. This should also apply (optionally) to opening multiple links at once from the bookmarks menu.

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    Reuse already existing Private Window when opening links in Private Window (if there is one opened already).

    It works like that in the Chromium-based Opera.

  • Pointer cursor on start page tiles please.

    See: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/playit.asp?filename=playcss_cursor&preval=pointer

    See attached image of current cursor type.


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    Override the default Chromium blank page with a customizable one...

    ... in order to avoid flashes of white, while browsing dark themed websites. From what I've learned on the Internet it's not quite possible in Chromium, so it would be nice to have some kind of a workaround for this in Vivaldi.

    Another way to achieve that could be to delay displaying web page contents by a certain (user-specified) amount of time or until the page finishes loading. Opera 12 had such feature, though it didn't always work as expected...

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    Ability to remove downloaded files from the hard drive (directly from the download panel or vivaldi://downloads page)

  • Moderator

    Allow turning on full-screen mode as a website permission

    With this feature, we would be able to blacklist/whitelist websites for turning on full-screen mode automatically (like eg. opening video in full-screen mode), just like we could do it with Notifications, Popups, Plugins, Location, Camera & other website permissions. Global setting to allow/disallow full-screen on all websites by default would be welcomed too. Some browsers - like IE for example - ask you to allow the site to run in the full-screen mode.

  • Moderator

    Move Hide/Show Panel Button to Right If Panels are on the right

  • Moderator

    Ability to drag & drop bookmarks and folders into other folders on the Speed Dial page.

  • Moderator

    More Space Above Tabs if not Maximized

  • Moderator

    Ability to use the "back button" on vivaldi://startpage (after entering a folder).*

    We should be able to quickly move between folders on our Speed Dial pages. Currently, the only way to go to the previous folder (after entering one), is to click on a tiny button placed above the Speed Dial items. It's inconvenient.

    * By the "back button" I mean the following:

    • Go to previous page button [<] on the navigation panel;
    • Keyboard shortcuts ([← Backspace], [CTRL] + [←] or custom ones);
    • The built-in "Back" button that some mouses have;
    • Mouse gesture "History back";
    • Rocker gestures.

  • Moderator

    Open Bookmarks / Notes folders with single click

    That is especially needed when the "Open Bookmark Panel Items with Single Click" option in vivaldi://settings/bookmarks/ is checked. Right now the only way to open bookmarks/notes folder with a single click is to aim the small triangle-shaped "expand" icon.

  • Moderator

    Switch the cursor to pointer 👆 when hovering over Bookmarks

    But only when the "Open Bookmark Panel Items with Single Click" option in vivaldi://settings/bookmarks/ is checked. It'll be more intuitive...

  • Moderator

    Bookmarks / Notes Separators

    Ability to separate bookmarks/notes with a single, horizontal line, just like in Opera 12.

  • RegEx support for search

  • Moderator

    Make the User Interface Zoom affect context menus

    It would be handy for touchscreen devices. At least increase the spacing between context menu items (as an option), just like it happens with the File Explorer context menu on Windows 10, after switching to the Tablet Mode.

  • Moderator

    Make the "Close Tab" button always visible (as an option)

    On a touch screen, the :hover events don't work (for obvious reasons), so closing a tab using an invisible button is quite difficult sometimes...

  • Windows panel

  • Boomarks Manager Page

    Enhance Vivaldi Bookmarks Manager page.

    • Resize able table.
    • Directly edit address, nickname, & description on field, currently only on title.
    • Hide/Unhide Bookmarks Manager page side panel.
    • Horizontal Bookmarks Manager page panel.
    • Export button.

  • Moderator

    Touchscreen mode

    Opera introduced such feature recently. This mode should be optimized for touchscreen devices - it should allow touch gestures instead of mouse gestures, the UI elements should be larger (menus, buttons), it could be turned on/off automatically depending on the Windows 10's "Tablet mode" setting state, etc...

  • Horizontal Bookmark Panel

    Current Vertical Panel like to squeeze the page. Problematic on page coded special way like Vivaldi Forum or Framed page.

    On Vivaldi Forum, it just make the page go to mobile version.
    On Framed Page, it could make content overlapped each other.


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