Feature requests for 1.11

  • Ability to add/move/remove buttons and UI elements.

    For example, being able to remove the buttons to the left of the address bar, or the V button, or the new tab and trash icons, the bookmark icons, etc. etc. would be a good start. Another crucial addition would be the ability to place tabs below the address bar, for those that have been waiting for it(I also want it just to see if it looks good that way). Moving panel buttons would be great too, and being able to add some of the status bar buttons to the top bar such as the camera button, page actions, and zoom slider, would also be great.

  • Option for first tabs to take up the entire tab bar.

    If you look at browsers like Safari, you'll see tabs take up the tab bar whether there is one tab, or there are two tabs, three, four, etc. This option would at least be neat, and can be kind of immersive.

  • Option to center address bar.

    Some browsers, like Brave and Safari, have a centered address bar that doesn't take up the whole width of the UI bar. It takes up only the amount of space needed, while leaving plenty of space for buttons and so on. I find this to be a really neat way of laying things out, and it also looks good. If we could at least have the option of doing this, that would be great.

  • Add this option in the web panel, show the number of unread messages as shown in the tab, it would be great to have this also in the web panel.
    Currently it shows, but it is not in real time as it happens in the tabs. Image

  • A more practical way of fixing stacked tabs.
    I use ctrl + shift + F to do this.
    First I make the stack of tabs and then I go in each tab that is inside the stack and I make the combination ctrl + shift + F.
    That was the only way I found to stack fixed tabs.

  • Add the option to reload all tabs within a guide stack.

  • Add the option to hibernate tabs to the right or left.

  • An option in the tab menu to lock the Vivaldi window. It has an option like the Tab Mix Plus extension for Firefox. It does not allow to move the window by clicking twice above the address bar the window does not move.

  • Keyboard shortcut to pin all tabs and unpin all tabs.
    And also I can not select tabs and pin (with keyboard shortcut, only works with the first tab selected)

  • More options for adjusting the Speed Dial image.
    Something like the image below ... Image

  • Option to remove history from the address bar. Currently we can remove the typed history, it would be great to remove the history as well.

  • There's an option to manually save sessions, and there's an option to open Vivaldi with the last session. The latter means that Vivaldi autosaves the last session when this option is selected. However, each window is apparently saved as separate sessions, so only the last window open gets reopened when Vivaldi launches.

    It would be nice to have Vivaldi autosave all of the most recent sessions. Firefox's "Restore Last Session" reopens all previous windows, and Chrome automatically stores each of the previous windows to be opened so they can be manually reopened with all the tabs intact.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that keeps multiple browser windows open. I don't want to have to manually save each window as a separate session before I close the browser.

  • @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.11:

    Lazy load tabs opened in the background (as an option)

    Sometimes it would be handy to be able to open multiple tabs in the background without loading their contents right away and thus slowing down your network and computer. This should also apply (optionally) to opening multiple links at once from the bookmarks menu.

    I really wanted that! Even more so because this extension Open link in new discarded tab does not work with Vivaldi and is not complete as the version for Firefox. Open link in silent tab

  • @ghpy I think third party extensions is not the solution. Fox example, Firefox has an ad blocking feature built in. You can manage the behaviour of this.
    But in Vivaldi you need an extension developed by an enterprise or somebody. For me, it's not good. (sorry my English btw).

  • @opera6rules
    This issue;

    closing multiple tabs in quick order.

    Isn't your Minimizing request is in few post above?
    And I replied to your Close Button request.

    Your Close Button request doesn't explain your long explanation use case (habits).
    All of that because Vivaldi "tab focus activation" was not like Opera?

  • Add a "Go"-Button to the Address Bar
    A button you can press to open the address in the address bar.
    This is useful when you are using the mouse with your right and type with the left hand or when using a Touchscreen, where you can paste/cut parts of the address via the context menu but can't press ENTER to go to this address.

  • Add an option to always open links in a new tab/window/the same tab
    An option where you can select whether all links should open in

    • the same tab
    • a new tab
    • a new window

  • Bookmarks Menu

  • Drag less used extensions on the extensions button which acts like a sub menu - so you can both see main extensions on urlbar and see the less used extension when you need them without clogging the urlbar.

  • Handle search field seperatly for each tab.
    The search field shouldn't show the last search term from other tabs.


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