Feature requests for 1.11

  • Go to Bookmark

    After we filter bookmark, sometime, it could be useful if we could easily go to where our target bookmark reside.
    Currently we need to scroll up or down & open folder/subfolders to go there, after we finish filtering.

    I'm thinking about new context menu.

  • @jumpsq This already works for me.

  • Option to Remove All Icons from Speed Dial Thumbs

    Now available in Snapshot 1.11.890.4

    All of these options are available on the Right-click menu, and rarely used after configuring Speed Dial

  • Search restriction autocomplete


    • # Returns results that match the text in the title.
    • @ Returns results that match the text in the URL.
    • * Returns only results that are from the bookmarks.
    • ^ Returns only results that are from the browser’s history.
    • + Returns only results that have been tagged.
    • ~ Returns only results that have been typed.
    • % Returns only open tabs (visible tabs, not active tab)

    Location Bar search

  • Allow expanding stacked tabs

    • A left click option to open in a private tab or make an already opened tab private, instead of a window

    • An option to move the bookmarks bar between the address bar and the search bar (those are too long on a wide screen anyway)

    Thank you for reading this 🙂

  • Consider making the bookmarks bar dockable to the right/left like in Opera 12.

    This is especially useful if you only show Icons on the bar anyway and we normally have much more space to waste horizontally than vertically.

  • Consider an option to reduce/adjust line spacing (and maybe font-size) in the bookmarks/downloads side panel. Currently, the line spacing is set pretty high and wastes lots of space.

    Also: Consider making the bookmark count number next to folder names in the bookmark panel less prominent. Maybe just by removing the different background color.

  • @Pesala It still only works if you want to open ALL nicknames in a new tab. I just want an implementation like in O12: when not pressing shift, it opens in the same tab; when pressing Shift, it opens in a new tab.

  • @jumpsq

    Absolutely want that as well 🙂 https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/8666/tab-stacking-expand-collapse-feature

    EDIT: I did not expect the reply to another reply to pop up below here. Feel free to delete this post.

  • Similar to "Notify on Completed Download" option in Download settings there would be nice to have "Notify on Started Download" as if you turn off "Open Download Panel Automatically" (which is very annoying) there is no visual feedback if a download has been started or not

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Mute and remember

    Black list of sites (domains) from which user never wants to hear a sound.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Possibility to set EXACT number of Speed Dial columns, like it was on Opera 12.

    I generally use Vivaldi maximized and the positions of my Speed Dial items I remember visually (on 5 column layout). But the number of Speed Dial columns can be reduced by opened Web Panel or if the windows is sometimes not maximized. That makes hard to find desired links. It could be more comfortable if the whole layout will be fitted in the page size.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Pan zoomed image by dragging.

    In Vivaldi if large image is open and zoomed, then user needs to use page scroll bars or mouse scroll to pan the image. Middle click (which activates auto-scroll) can also be used to pan/scroll but in my opinion this feature is very inconvenient to use.
    So I suggest to make it like Opera 12: pan image with dragging (holding left mouse button on image and moving mouse).

  • Add an option to edit speed dial entries

    I'm really surprised that something that trivial is missing... please add on option to edit speed dial entries so we can adjust the URL we added.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Highlight Notes panel search results in the content of the selected note.


  • Allow setting permissions and settings per page

    For example I have some pages (fullscreen Flash games) that I don't want to use mouse gestures on because they often kick me to another page during play... however, I don't want to generally disable mouse gestures at all.
    Same goes for showing images, javascript support, etc. - it'd be great to have this per page as (as far as I remember) in the old Opera client - I really miss tons of options from this epic browser!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Allow to switch between tabs when "Authentication Required" form appears.

    Currently if this form appears (see image) user is unable to switch to another tab. Sometimes I need to copy some username or password from another page and this makes it impossible.


  • Vivaldi Translator

    Оpen screenshots (attached in the notes) in a new tab or a popup window by default, instead of current tab.

  • Add "Image Properties" in Context Menu (like Opera 12)
    with basic information (image type, size, dimensions...) 📷
    and EXIF information of the image (Date, Camera, Author, ISO, F number, Exposure time...)


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