Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Dev Tools

  • @Ayespy Thanks ! we are waiting for sync !

  • I dont like the idea of having to paste my default icon for the speed dial. Shouldn't be automatically suggested ???

  • Start Page fonts still blurred, you've been dragging this bug since first release of Vivaldi.

  • @vivald777 or else?

  • You're pathetically annoying, why don't you simply uninstall vivaldi and forget about it instead of being so aggressive. You're not getting anything anyway acting so stupidly.

  • when the synchronization ?
    когда будет синхронизация ?

  • - Ambassador -

    @domigun Real soon now. When it's ready.

  • I was hoping by now the bug whereas when Show address bar is toggle off in the preferences I would be able to bookmark from the right click context menu would've been fixed. 😞

  • watching closely for Google Hangouts screen sharing to be fixed, and improvements to MDI-like pop-up windows. Those are about the only things really hurting usage to replace all other browsers (at least for me). cheers on all great work anyway!

  • @vivald777 You can drag the upper line from the url-bar down so you can see the preview permanently

    0_1500366645287_tabs preview.png

  • There are multiple issues with the search function in the history page vivaldi://history

    1. Multiple-word searches never work.

    2. History search will not let you type certain letters of certain words. Not sure what causes this, but the word has to be present in your history to get this bug, and the letters have so far all been vowels.

    I've submitted a bug report on the matter.

  • @ohgodyetanotherusername said in Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Dev Tools:

    @QuHno Sadly, this didn't work for me. I'm using DisplayFusion to change my background images (...)

    Yeah, sadly that is a Win 7 limitation which would definitely afford a lot of extra coding to make it work - which could still break if the user uses extra software. Luckily most users still work with one screen only, so the "cheap" approach works at least for them.

    Another limitation is that it can only load the static image which is displayed at the moment when Vivaldi opens and can not switch in sync with Windows' automatic changes on multi image themes.

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    @QuHno Correction: It will update between times that one opens a new Start Page, even though a continuously open start page will not update.

  • @iateyourgranny
    It is easier for us to maintain bug reports of single issues in the bug tracking system than "multiple". Luckily there were already confirmed bugs for each of the issues.
    Having said that: It is still better to have a bug report about an issue than no bug report at all, so:

    Thanks for sending the bug report!

    I have linked it to the other ones.

    Hint for others who file bug reports too:
    One Report, One Bug only. Please.
    That makes it much easier to keep track of the fixing process.

  • Cursor is blinking in and out of existence over and over(flickering?) again when using windows scaling above 100% on Windows 10. For example, on my 4k monitor I use 225% scaling in display settings of windows(with mouse shadows enabled), when using windows in general, no flickering, when I open Vivaldi and move the cursor on top of the Vivaldi window, mouse flickering happens (not screen, just the cursor having a fit) If I move the cursor outside of the vivaldi window(in windowed move), no more mouse flickering. This leads me to believe this is an issue with Vivaldi having issues with Windows Scaling. This doesn't happen when I lower the scaling to 100%(but then I can't see sh*t), it's barely noticeable on scaling between 125% and 150%, but it becomes a lot more pronounced after 200%. It's also a lot more noticeable when Pointer Shadows are enabled in Mouse Properties, without it the issue is much less annoying, but still noticeable.)

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    @ohgodyetanotherusername Not sure if it's really obvious, (it is at the bottom of the Blog page) but here is where you file a bug report.

  • @QuHno I think it's actually a single bug (i.e. history search not working) with different symptoms. I suppose you could divide it into two categories:

    1. History search won't let you type what you want
    2. History search won't give results that it is supposed to give

    From what I can tell, the main problem is 1. History search won't let you type what you want.

    Then, if you force it by copy-pasting, it will refuse to give you the correct results anyway. This is also related to the problem with searching multiple words with a space in between: in some previous version of Vivaldi, history search wouldn't let you type space either. Then I reported that bug, after which I think the problem was hotfixed - i.e. now you can type space, but it doesn't recognize the input.

    Also, sorry for commenting on an old post. I could have sworn I commented on the newest blog post.

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    @iateyourgranny The bug with history search was already reported.

  • @ohgodyetanotherusername Just google "vivaldi bug report". Or go here:

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    @vivald777 The developers are always working on speed and optimization. They don't "ignore" performance.

    That said, perhaps you could put some effort into finding what makes it slow on your device. It's not slow on any of the ten systems (ranging in age between 14 and 3 years old) on which I have it installed here. The more people who are able to work out what makes Vivaldi not work as expected on their machine, the better the feedback becomes, and the better the developers can make the browser.

    In the alternative, you could box up your machine and ship it to Vivaldi, and then the developers could adjust both your machine and the software to be a good match.

    If it's not worth any effort on your part, then I submit it's not worth your (or anyone's) time for you post vague and useless criticisms here, and your time is better spent on the web using some product you like.

    But as long as I'm here, what OS do you run, and do you run any 3rd party security software? (Some of them clog up Vivaldi something awful, because their authors can't be bothered to to stay abreast of developments in the browser world.)

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