Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Dev Tools

  • @JuniorSilva30 Hi, I think different about release email client "WIR".
    Software is never ready and you need many user for testing, bug reporting and so forth. Internal testing is and was never work for software.
    Microsoft gave Windows 10 for testing one year before release date and it was full of Bugs and security issues.
    May Vivaldi should name browser BETA or ALPHA and not Snapshot. 🙂

    Cheers, mib

  • @mdnjou I just think it's not the time yet, I think it would mess up, and I believe that internal testers do a lot of work to help improve the email client, many users reporting bugs, asking for recourses would not help (I think) , Because the internal testers do this and obviously know it's a long work, so it's one step at a time, releasing everyone in some snapshot at the moment, would have users complaining, complaining ... So I guess when I'm almost done , there will be released in some snapshot and fix the errors before reaching the final version. ☺

    Note: I do not know how the e-mail client walks, so it's just a comment based on some comments from internal testers. Maybe it's point to be released in the next snapshots or maybe not, we do not know ... But from what I realize, it is not yet ready to be released to the public ...

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    @mib2berlin Public Beta testing is not the same as private Beta testing.

    When users sign up to a private Beta test they are experienced users who are well able to recover lost data, and only blame themselves if they fail to backup properly.

    Snapshots are effectively for public beta testing. Vivaldi's reputation will be ruined if they release mail or sync before it is reasonably stable, and Tom, Dick, and Mary lose their precious emails, bookmarks, or other private data.

  • Hi again, this was not meant as offense again the private beta testers.
    I do this several times by myself and know how much effort is needed to make the job.

    Happy testing, mib

  • Vivaldi Team

    @d0j0p: this is awesome, thanks for sharing!

  • Vivaldi Team

  • Vivaldi Team

    @juniorsilva30: Here are the specs: Background: #100f0f Fore: #959595 Highl: #f10c0f Accent: #343434 rounding to default. And accent color to window enabled.

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    @d0j0p: Nicely done !
    Maybe creating a public album in Google Photos, or similar, to allow people to upload directly if they want ? Just an idea 🙂

  • What about Sync????

  • One of my bug, VB-28284 - address field [popup menu] do not display if "search in address field" is disabled, also seems to have been fixed in 1.10.867.38 (maybe fixed by VB-27583? Not sure). Congrats to the vivaldi team for this nice release!

  • I'm sorry, but I just don't see the basics with the Start Page/Speed Dial:

    1. I've had columns set to 6 for quite some time and it''s never gone beyond three very large tiles across;
    2. When I go to add a new site, it's not called a Speed Dial or thumbnail, but a bookmark. Traditionally, the latter is a different thing.
    3. When I go to add a new site from a page that's open, it doesn't show under suggestions, as one might expect, but has to be typed (at least part way). Why not?
    4. Thumbnail size needs in some way to be put under user control. I've got webpage zoom set at 80%, but that seem to apply to the Speed Dial/Start Page
    5. I think it's a mistake (pretentious) to call the Speed Dial page a Start Page - Opera now does this too - since the actual user start page is by setting a user choice, not yours.

  • The update pretends to install and then when it reloads Vivaldi, it's still on 1.9.818.44 Windows 10.

  • @Omen_20 path to vivaldi? admin or limited account? 3rd party security software? You could try to launch as admin the browser; that's strange.. never happened.

  • Excellent! There is no more reason why I should use Opera instead of Vivaldi for website development.

  • @jonmc: I'm glad you like them! And it's great to get some recognition from the Vivaldi team!

  • @cqoicebordel: Well, the original idea came out from JuniorSilva30's thread he created where he shared some of his thumbs, and so I shared a bunch of mine on there as well. Maybe a really good idea, which I've had on my mind, is to have a dedicated page where people upload their SD thumbnails in a kind of app store like UI, where we can all check them out, download the ones we want. And the information can be seen on the SD thumbnail packs for the name of it, the user/creator's name, etc. and we can even give ratings if we want. That would be pretty cool 🙂

  • Tree-style tabs, sync, and mobile version, and I'll never look at Firefox again!

  • @Peavy3000 said in Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Dev Tools:

    I'll never look at Firefox again!

    Firefox, Firefox, Firefox... hmmm, that name seems sort of vaguely familiar, from a long time ago in a universe far away, but i can't remember exactly... i wonder what a Firefox is... does it have something to do with that interwebby thing i've heard about? 😉

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    @vivald777 No problem here, both preview popup and on tabs are working and don't disappear on hover. Are you using some custom CSS or custom JS on the interface?

  • Does anyone else have problems with video since the new version? Vivaldi has always had issues with HTML5 videos on my machine (Windows 7 64bit), i.e. refusing to load them when they get too big, but it's suddenly a lot worse. Browsing e.g. reddit or instagram or imgur, a handful of videos will load fine, until one doesn't (it will only play a second or so, and then stop) and then none will. If I restart Vivaldi, the video will play fine (and the next one, and the next one, until another one decides enough is enough and another restart is in order).

    (Also, I was only able to leave this message via the old Opera. Vivaldi would pretend I wasn't logged in, reloading this page every time I clicked on "login" below the text box.)

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