Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Dev Tools

  • @peavy3000: BTW, as an interim solution, do you know tree-style tab Chrome extensions that would work for you (that work in Chrome but maybe not in Vivaldi)? In any case, please submit a new feature request through so it can be considered. Thanks! 🙂

  • @sw535: The background in new tab is grey for me. Please submit a bug report through It would be good to attach a screen recording in animated GIF showing the issue (for example recording with a freeware tool). 🙂

  • @rseiler: You can change the order between ascending/descending with an arrow at the right-end of the sorting header.

  • Very huge code changes indeed. Thank you.

    Keep an eye on how Opera manages "Personal news". Something like this could be fine in some next Vivaldi updates, no rush forced.
    I like very much how uniform thumbnails are, and little text, for all news sources. Makes it very, vey personal when design from original sites are not forced upon us inside Personal News. I know you can even lift something like this to a whole new level, even better than Opera has it.
    Second good thing with "Personal News" (so long we chose sources) is survey over happenings in the world. For few seconds you know what is happening around. Saves a lot of time. Really a lot of time.

    PS: I tried some Chrome extensions for it, but not even close.,

  • Vivaldi Team

    @Wladisha Hi, Wladisha, this is by design, any internal page/fallback will give a red color to the accent. If you don't like the red color, you could always change it, if you select the dark theme in the settings window, and press the edit button, you can select the "Accent" square and start choosing a color that better fits for you 🙂 If you feel strongly that the dark theme should be changed, I could take it up with its designer, but I can't promise anything.

  • @wojcieche said in Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Dev Tools:

    @rseiler: You should try yourself before making such definite statements. 😉 It doesn't use more memory for me. I have quite old PC with only 4GB of RAM and 360 tabs opened in 4 windows and I have not noticed a difference in memory use after installing 64-bit version over 32-bit version.

    I have now, and it's no different than any other Vivaldi 64-bit version that I've used throughout the year in terms of memory use (and there's no evidence to suggest that something radically changed in this build in this area).

    That you don't see any difference in memory use between the two means that you're measuring memory wrong. Maybe you're only looking at the "Vivaldi" instance at the top of Task Manager, ignoring the million others down below. It's an easy mistake to make.

    To make it easier, I use a 3rd-party task manager which adds all the like processes together in one lump sum, so there's no way to miss anything and there's no math necessary. That way, I can routinely see Vivaldi's use of 3, 4 or 5GB of RAM.

    And NO WAY does x86 use the same amount. It simply doesn't work that way, sorry. Not Vivaldi's fault. Same for any x64 Chromium-based browser.

    BTW, your mention of 360 open tabs in 4 windows on a 4GB machine (absurd numbers, unless the vast majority of those tabs are asleep) may suggest that you're trolling me, but I thought I'd answer anyway.

  • I really like this browser. However, with each passing update, it seems to me it uses more and more ram such that i can only open no more than 5 tabs.

    Please start reducing the amount of RAM please!!

  • @Hadden89 My guess is it's the work internet having something blocked. Just discovered yesterday that I could get all through AT&T's site, except when the form tried to post my payment. Vivaldi updated as expected on my home PC.

    Just checked and it now says my version is 1.10.867.38 When I left yesterday I had the laptop shutdown and install updates. So maybe something in Windows was screwing it up. All I did this morning was boot up and check the version and it's changed now. Several attempts yesterday never updated the version though.

  • What about the "send anonymous statistics" check that disappeared from settings?
    Why you didn't show this point on the changes list here?

  • @RmVtrgp said in Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Dev Tools:

    What about the "send anonymous statistics" check that disappeared from settings?
    Why you didn't show this point on the changes list here?

    Probably escaped them when gathering all the new features and changes from the snapshots, another thing that it's not mentioned - or at least I can't find it mentioned - now popups as windows are re-enabled and redesigned.

  • @Omen_20 Yes, probably there is some policy or network issue at work which block the road to vivaldi

  • I have a long standing bug that was briefly fixed but has returned for many builds now. When using thumb tabs, open Vivaldi and it does not generate a thumb image, it instead remains blank. Opening a new tab will generate a thumb but the original one remains blank until it goes to another page.

    I have reported this a while ago

  • @finway:

    This happens with the thumb image in the tab as well, perhaps they are related

  • @rseiler: I have not been doing specialized detailed measurements, so I couldn't mix the detailed numbers. I just have Windows Task Manager opened always all the time to control the overall memory usage (due to VB-22444 bug appearing only on Windows 7 and a system with 4GB of RAM - that with more than 47 tabs, on closing a tab the tab process is not killed, so memory usage is increasing to the point I have to restart Vivaldi). This gives me a clear outlook how much memory is used by Vivaldi on a regular basis in my system. So I am talking about how much overall memory is used/free after Vivaldi startup and further when using it. It was some 3GB on a 32-bit version and although I was afraid to upgrade to 64-bit thinking my memory can explode, nothing like that happened and the difference in memory usage became unnoticeable. So this is my practical experience testimony.

    And nope, I am not trolling you, you are correct that almost all of the tabs are asleep on startup - only 1 tab per window is active and currently selected web panel (others are also hibernated on startup). Still it is not the same situation as a session with 10 tabs, it is much different - on such cluttered profile, with 4 windows and on this pretty old PC startup takes a couple of minutes.

  • looking good

  • Moderator

    @wojcieche Ah, I get it, you can't click on the preview popup.

  • @D0J0P I think there's not a Twitter one and it's driving me crazy 🐼

  • Docked devtools! I can really said bye bye to google chrome now 🙂

  • Damn! Thanx for docked dev tool!

  • Nice theme. Please add to setting.

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