Download path

  • 😞 I was searching and searching and such..but I do not find any way to define a download change the default "downloads" Directory into the one I needed. Can you please change that?????? Or better ... install the possibility of changing the download-directory? and....since I installed vivaldi my "opera next" crashed steadily. idea? hanks...Guido (

  • @RRR13:

    At the moment, the downloads path is set in stone (as far as the official options go).
    However I think I saw some threads that did provide some nasty workarounds, but I don't remember what OS they were for.
    It will most likely be made more customizable in the future. I don't like the current version either.

    The workarounds (all but nasty) where provided mainly for the users who suffered of low space on the disk where the download folder was placed.

    If the problem is not the HDD space but the personal preference/convenience, we have to wait for the next builds.


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