Feature request

  • Hi, Here are some recommendations from me: -- The most important would be to have a full text history search option in the browser, something Opera used to have back in the golden days, until version 12, I guess. But it should work better, because Opera couldn't index some pages. It should work like Safari, or even better, with multiple filtering options and more sophisticated searching options. As a researcher I find this feature indispensable. -- Similarly, I think a very good bookmark organizer is absolutely necessary, too, with folders, sub-folders and searchable tags (maybe searchable descriptions, too). It would be also nice to make a full text search of bookmarked pages' content (like in http://bit.ly/1wK5uhc). Awesome bar and Safari has some nice ways to integrate all these two features in the address bar. -- It would be equally nice to have a more productive keyboard navigation. I mean it would be absolutely pleasing to have something like Vimium, or Opera's venerated spatial navigation integrated in the browser. I think all these tips above would help us to have everything several clicks closer. One other idea: -- I like when every bit of information is available about the webpages and their sources. Like in Firefox where you can see the source of the page and all the media, or in Maxthon where you can also see the source of different media elements. That's all for today. Keep the good work rolling!

  • You were right, I tried a former version, but I've just tried the new one too.
    Actually, WASD navigation works now, but it needs some getting used to; from the first impression, I think it is a bit less intuitive than it used to be:( Also, it tends to omit some links.
    Bookmarks are pretty good now. However, by full text search, I mean full text search even in the content of the visited/bookmarked webpages, too (not just the mere titles or URLs), which doesn't seem to work for me. Unfortunately, History doesn't even come close to Opera's searchability.
    On the other hand, if I left click a page and than click "View page info", nothing happens at all. It may be a bug, or something.
    Anyway, thanks a million for your comment.


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