Vivaldi update to 4.01!?

  • Is it true Vivaldi is moving from 1.9 to 4.01 or is this a vicious rumor?

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    @Andoheb Sounds more like slightly demented musings.

  • Hi, where do you read it?
    Next stable release is 1.10, coming next few days.
    1.10 RC1 is already out.

    Cheers, mib

  • Those are just numbers - does it really matter to you when the features are identical if it is called vivaldi 1.10 or vivaldi 44.5 ? o_0
    Besides - can you think of any valid reason why devs would act like this?

  • Amazing. So it appears to be a slightly demented rumor then. As to reading it somewhere, I didn't. Per the third posting, I'm not following your statement "does it really matter to you" ... is that aimed at me?

  • @Andoheb
    Yep - it was meant as question to you because to me those are just numbers and from my point of view not those numbers bring a browser or program in general forward but the features and bugfixes do.
    So my point is that even if vivaldis next version counter would be 4.01 it doesn't change a thing regarding the functionaltiy of the browser.
    Or did I misunderstood you in some way?

  • No, you didn't misunderstand me at all. Your perception is good. I would say though, can you really divorce what your saying concerning bugfixes and features from the version number? Any computer program that updates does indeed put a new number to it, so yes, it does indeed really matter to me. If it didn't, I probably wouldn't have asked the question. Hopefully this is not too upsetting to you. :-)

  • @Andoheb
    Hehe no this doesn't upset me ^^ This is just your point of view which is fine after all.
    And of course that you change the version number when some changes are made to a program is totally reasonable but to what number the former number is increased is from minor interest to me. :wink:

  • Good reply. Thank you so much. :-)

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    @Andoheb said in Vivaldi update:

    Vivaldi is moving from 1.9 to 4.01

    While sitting on my balcony there were some secret whispers telling me 4.01 really means next big Vivaldi version will appear on April 1rst. ;)

  • I don't get it!?????!! Apparently I'll have to wait till next April Fools day to get an update! :-)

  • @Andoheb Or next circuit of Halley's Comet, take your pick... But no, not just "to get an update", but specifically the legendary 4.01 update ;-)

  • @qwerty2002 Please stop it!

  • I take it that you're asking for the stopping of Version 4.01?

  • @Andoheb said in Vivaldi update to 4.01!?:

    Version 4.01

    I've heard on the grapevine that 4.01 is very buggy, & so it'd be better if we skipped it instead for 4.02.

  • Interesting. I keep trying to download it but I'm being told that Vivaldi is up to date. Anyway, thanks for putting me onto the 4.01 buggy thing.

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    @Andoheb You cannot update the Stable Stream with a snapshot, and you can't update the Snapshot Stream with a Stable version. You have to download versions from separate streams manually rather than as a download.

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