Chromium experimental extensions page

  • Enable experimental setting chrome://flags/#enable-md-extensions.

    Now, I don't like Chromium Material Design (MD) settings page look & user experience.
    But, this MD Extensions page surprisingly good & far more useful than old look.

    What are ugly;

    • Same like MD Settings page, you'll need multiple clicks to open extension options.
    • I think the padding & separation between lines waste too much space.

    In Vivaldi, you'll need to explicitly visit chrome://extensions. Currently, vivaldi://extensions (Ctrl+Shift+e) will give empty page if that experimental setting was enabled. And don't try to press back history inside that extensions page, also will give you blank page.

    I categorized this in Design sub forum;

    • IT iS experimental Design per current Chromium.
    • I do like that main design, outside waste space problem.
    • Had nothing to do nor problem of current Vivaldi.

  • @dLeon said in Chromium experimental extensions page:

    • I do like that main design, outside waste space problem.

    It is not wasted space, it is white space and it is very important element of design

  • @duarte.framos
    I agree for white space concept in that wiki.
    I don't close the fact my opinion about that extension page spaces is subjective.

  • Testing.. it's not so bad after all... on 75% it shows two columns; it's still a bit glitchy (well, it's experimental), but can improve and in a (not really near?) future could be also theme-able - I see a lot of color flags in dev tools :3

  • @Hadden89
    The Search & Side Index, really resemble Opera New extensions page.
    In usability, I could give 4 out of 5 stars.


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