Which device to go for?

  • With the S8 launched, i am quite liking it and thinking of making a purchase. But with just a few months remaining Apple will be coming out with something new. Although i do not have high expectations but i want to see what is there in store.
    Hence, i am confused whether i should get the S8 or wait for Apples launch.
    Anyone any recommendations.


  • @anajames
    I recommend to make a checklist to why would you need/use any of them.
    That tool/device will use by you & only useful for you. No one could dictate what you need.
    Am I sound like old geezer?

  • Hahaha, you are a funny person i must say. The sole purpose of asking here was whether people have used the Samsung Device and what would they do if they were in my place. Yes you do sound like a geezer.

  • @anajames
    Flip a coin - see if you're happy with the outcome otherwise buy the other one

  • @anajames
    The question "Should I get that or this" tend to lead to that answer. Been there done that.

    We're lucky if none of any fanboys/girls get in to conversations.

  • Seems to me like the only thing you are asking is what flagship device you should buy, but there is so much more to consider.

    • Android or iOS is a major decision. What's your current phone's OS, are you happy with it? Have you made any app purchases that you want to keep, or are there apps/functionalities that you would miss on the other OS, and what are you using on your desktop/laptop?

    • What do you need from the phone? SD card slot, good camera, NFC, second SIM card slot? etc. etc.

    • What frequency bands does the phone support and will this align with the bands your provider uses?

    If you can't answer any of these questions, it probably doesn't matter what you buy. Just get the one with the better looks.

  • Oh, and before I forget it -- a Vivaldi app for Android is in active development, an iOS version might never come out 😛

  • There you go.
    Checklist. Told you. 😆

  • @zaibon yes that could be the easy way out, but you know we are humans and over all i am a woman and we don't make a decision so quick.

  • @luetage You have definitely a point here, i will surely be considering these features as well, but still it is quite easy when someone has used something and recommends.
    I would definitely something with, SD card slot and a high pixel camera too.

  • @anajames
    Than maybe a point on the pro-side for the S8 could be that vivaldi mobile (when it gets released) will probably only be released for android because apple has a very strict rule that forbids a browser to use any other engine than apples own engine - which results in the refusal by Jon (one of the founders of vivaldi) to do so.

  • Looks good then, but apple has its own search engine i did not know that.

  • If you want an SD card you can forget about iphones, simple as that. Have fun with your new S8 😛


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