Bookmark search behavior - collapsed/expanded state should be remembered

    1. This part I consider a bug:

    Let's say you have one or more expanded bookmark sub tree(s) and search for something. Now it correctly finds it, so far so good. But when you clear the search field, all bookmark folders are collapsed.

    At least the original open/closed folder structure should be there! ...

    1. And this is half a bug and half a feature request, depending on how you love Opera 12 i guess ;):

    ... But ideally, like in Opera 12, if you selected one of the findings (bookmark or folder) the sub-tree to this entry should be open additionally and the selected entry should still be selected!

    For me this, even part 2, is a showstopper to switch from Opera to Vivaldi. Hope you can address that problem.
    But in most parts Vivaldi is the best Browser out there and i hope i can switch sooner than later!

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    @PietroPizzi If you would like to suggest a new feature Vivaldi, please make a request at the Froum thread provided for that purpose.

    Make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If a problem you encounter might be solved by adding a certain feature, you may add a request at in the corresponding thread for your browser version. Make ONE request per comment. Requests will be voted up or down by users.


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